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We do our very best to make sure your event is successful. Here is what some folks have said about our trainers and the programs they have facilitated.

“Many thanks once again for all your work yesterday.  The feedback has been all positive, and everyone enjoyed the day.”
T.H., Countrywide

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful event last night.  The Charity Bike Build was truly awesome!  The participants were talking about what a wonderful experience they had and they really enjoyed it.  I wanted to let you know that you did such a great job and I was impressed with how you were able to manage such a large group and keep them focused.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thank you.”
C.A., Lockheed Martin Corporation

"Rob keeps the session on track and his audience extremely involved. I enjoy his sessions."
Fallon Community Health Plan

"I enjoyed the activities and found them to be more unique than team building exercises I have done in the past."

“Everything was fabulous!  Our facilitator did a great job and the event was a HUGE success!  Everyone is still talking about it.  The best part was having the children come with the charity-seeing their faces makes such a difference!  Did you hear that our CEO made an additional $10,000 donation?  Isn’t that great!  Couldn’t be happier!  Thanks again for all your help.
A.T., Arrow Electronics

"People LOVED this, Rob - you did such a GREAT job. We appreciate everything... This motivated our two groups, and they really got to know each other.  What a fun and interactive way to end the day! Again, hats off to you and Laura for really making this happen for us!"
J., Nexis Lexis

"We had a great event. This is a very tough group to please -- they are all seasoned managers who are very skeptical for management training mumbo-jumbo, but they were truly taken. Rob did a great job of drawing everybody in, keeping them engaged, and bringing it to a conclusion. He also was sufficiently adaptive to the group dynamic, but kept us on pace to make sure we got through the program."
K.W., Congressional Quarterly

"I didn’t have terribly high expectations but ended up having a great time! A valuable experience. Thank you!"
Brown Rudnick

"Rob was energetic, thorough, intelligent and enthusiastic about the material."
Fallon Community Health Plan

“S.S. came in this morning, and he said that last night was 'awesome.'  It was a wonderful, fun evening.  Thanks so very much for your careful attention to detail…”
L.N., Thermo Fisher

Rob did a great job yesterday, and everything went very well with the program. The group was skeptical at first but, by the end, everyone was involved in something. Not an easy task with 200 people. It was very fun to see the meeting chair sitting on the floor in front of Rob and listening to him present the wrap-up to the group.
C.C., PRA Destination Management Orlando

“Things went just great.  Rob is an excellent facilitator.  He definitely had a tough audience, and he handled them well.  It was great how he weaved our values into his debrief, and got people to think.  Sometimes a debrief can be gratuitous or forced - Rob pulls it off naturally and with meaningful results.  The second day our facilitator used the learnings from the activity as a springboard to accomplish some hard team building work.  People used the activities as a context for talking about behaviors they want to address.  I think they'll be talking about it for some time to come.
T.L., Chemistri

“Phenomenal!  It was all positive. Our team had a blast. They couldn't have been more into it, from the icebreakers right up to the main event. There isn't anything I would do differently, so thanks for that. Rob is a great "MC" for lack of a better word and the debriefings were very interactive."
T.S. Cognizant

“The feedback from staff has been very positive - I heard a group still talking about it yesterday and saying that we should make it an annual event, and several have specifically commented to me on how good Rob was. Everyone had a lot of fun but also learned from the powerful underlying lessons which are directly applicable to the challenges we currently face as company.  Rob did an excellent job helping us to recognize the concepts behind the activities.”
C.M., Gene Burton & Associates

“I would like to let you know that Rob and Jonathan did a FANTASTIC job -- we could not have been more pleased with our team building day! THANKS AGAIN!!!!"
B.S., American Woodmark

"Saturday's program went well beyond my expectations. Rob did an excellent job with the cooperative team challenges, the icebreakers, and the Pipeline.  Everyone was involved and enthusiastic. There were times I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!"
M.K., Terumo Medical

"I just wanted to say thanks again. People are still talking about the teambuilding exercises we did and really liked how we had some takeaways.  For a group that I KNOW had several characters with "anti-teambuilding" sentiments, I'm quite happy with the feedback!”
A.K., Presstek

“Things went very well. Rob Fletcher was a great leader. He insured the team had fun as well as getting something out of it.  I have heard great feed back from all the participants.  It was a tough time slot at the very end of a meeting but people left the meeting energized because of the great job Rob and his team did. Thanks.”
K.K., Merck

"I just wanted to let you know how much the people from J.Jill loved the activity. The best thing of all was that they constantly referred back to it the next day, both to illustrate learning points and to share humorous stories about the experience. So it helped us achieve both our leadership and team building objectives."
E.W., The Breakthrough Group

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Rob and his facilitation of our program.  He was full of energy, organized, prepared and very professional. Our team enjoyed the learning experience and the exercise. Rob was awesome!
R.D., Phillip Morris

"Just wanted to follow up on our event from Wednesday.  Everything went very well.  Our facilitator did an excellent job incorporating our specific outcomes and facilitating discussion.  He was high energy and very fun.  It seemed like everyone enjoyed the games and Play to Win."
L.E., Wellington Management

"Record Breakers went really well. In fact I heard from several people in the department “this is the best offsite we’ve had”. Rob did an EXCELLENT job. I was really happy with how things went."
R.G., Guidant Corporation

“I received so many positive comments about our Chili Cook-off, and everyone had a great time. Rob got everyone involved and it was truly amazing how this team builder got the creativity of all of our teams flowing. I can't count how many people told me it was our best team builder ever!"
D.D., Shea Homes

"Thank you again for putting on such a great program.  I've gotten lots of
very positive feedback from the team."
N.L., Pepperidge Farm