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Leverage the power of purpose

Team building for a great cause

Increase awareness of military connections and contributions of people on team

Apply effective military team building principles to your team

Identify individual and team strengths

The Game
Veteran Tribute: 
Military Care Package Team Building
In Veteran Tribute, teams build care packages to be given to disabled, under-served and homeless military veterans. Veteran Tribute is designed by Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher. Rob is the co-author the award winning Remembrance: A Tribute to America’s Veterans book with his father Robert A Fletcher, a Korean War veteran. The Remembrance military tribute project inspired Rob to design this military team building activity to help some of the 23 million veterans alive in the U.S today. Of those 23 million, more than 5 million are disabled and there are more than 100,000 reported homeless veterans. Veteran Tribute helps corporate teams pause to give tribute, to remember the sacrifice our brave men and women made throughout the past century and to reach out to those heroes and let them know we still care. Quixote consultants have helped hundreds of companies just like yours make thousands of care packages for military families, veterans and soldiers that need them most.

How It Works
Your team’s marching orders? Navigate fun, innovative military-inspired puzzles and challenges to earn enough “soldiers” (remember those toy soldiers when you were a kid?) to exchange at our PX for that last crucial gift to complete your care package to be sent to military serving overseas. Military care packages are jam-packed with essential gifts to brighten our veterans’ days. Handmade multi-media thank yous from your team included in the packages create a connection, let them know that they are not forgotten and that they are cared about.

The Challenges
Teams earn points by completing military-inspired challenges (that can be customized just for you!). Successful military operations rely on the same skills that every successful corporate team requires: communication, managing change on the fly, and superlative team work. Quixote Consulting took some of the classic military team building challenges and skills needed and created our own versions that are accessible to all and can be done anywhere, from board room to ball room. A wide variety of challenges from active to cerebral ensure that all participants are engaged and having fun!

Here are some military team building challenge examples:

  • Military History Trivia Challenge – Complete a dizzying array of interesting military history trivia challenges from all of America’s wars taken from Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher’s award-winning book that honors America’s military Remembrance: A Tribute to America’s Veterans.
  • MASH Challenge – A fun twist on the classic ‘Operation’ game
  • Minefield – Can you guide your teammates through safely?
  • Orienteering Challenge: Test your Map and Compass Skills
  • Worst-case scenario: What would you do?
  • Marksmanship Challenge – Test team communication and accuracy skills
  • Flag Fold-off – Inspired by Rob Fletcher’s days as an Eagle Scout – how well can you fold our flag?

With so many different ways to have fun and earn ‘soldiers’, there’s something for everyone on every team to do. The group can only be successful by working together, communicating effectively, identifying strengths of team members, and focusing on their mission – helping our military. Whenever timing permits, a veteran representative comes to meet your team, thank them and personally receive the veteran care package gifts.

The Power of Purpose
Research tells us that one of the main paths to happiness is to connect with the power of purpose. This power of purpose ignites when you link your daily work with the greater good, helping to make some part of the larger world around you better.

Purpose allows people to work harder and with more passion than if the work were just for them. Veteran Tribute leverages this power of purpose in three ways at the same time:

  1. Honoring and learning from a purpose-driven organization – the U.S. military.
  2. Helping the U.S. Military, Veterans and their Families: By focusing on the military as recipients and having a tangible, memorable and direct experience with them and their mission.
  3. Working and Succeeding Together: By interdependently working with everyone on your team every step of the way.

Ignite the Power of Purpose in Your Work Place
You’ll be amazed at how energizing the Veteran Tribute military team building exercise can be for everyone involved. You will also realize what your team can accomplish back at work after an event that has everyone working together for such a rewarding cause.

We all want to make a difference in this world. Here’s a rare opportunity to actually do so, with immediate, tangible results built into the process. This is an extraordinary way to infuse a conference with energy, create a feeling of immense good will and a sense of meaning larger than day-to-day work challenges, while reinforcing the value of teamwork. If you want an event that your people will never forget, this is the one.

We take care of all the logistics – making you look good while making the whole event simple and painless.

Maximize Your Team Building Investment
Every aspect of Quixote Consulting’s Veteran Tribute military team building program is aimed specifically for your team and the recipients to get the most out of the event – before, during the day and after.

Here are nine ways we ensure that your event is 100% on target:

  1. Icebreaker with Purpose – Your event begins with a fun, fast-paced energizer that lets people learn something wonderful about other people on their team related to purpose and uncovering connections to military.
  2. Challenges with Purpose – Every challenge that teams complete to earn their care package material tests and reinforces the time-honored principles and lessons of teamwork our military provides.
  3. Customization – We can customize as much or as little of this event as you want – challenges, care packages, rules, even the game itself. If there’s a theme for your conference, convention or team project, let us know and we’ll make it happen. If you have active or retired service members in your group, or family members serving, let us know and we’ll incorporate their contribution into the event.
  4. Content with Purpose – If you have the time, we’ll combine a mini-training session on the Power of Purpose before Veteran Tribute at no extra charge. This mini-session is perfect if you have three or four hours total.
  5. Resources After the Event –The leader of your team will receive a complimentary signed copy of Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher’s book Remembrance: A Tribute to America’s Veterans and accompanying music CD to share with the team. Quixote Consulting will also sponsor a quantity discount if you would like to order a copy of the Remembrance book and CD for everyone who participates. And everyone receives both the Power of Purpose e-book by team strengths expert Rob Fletcher (an excerpt from his forthcoming book At Your Best) and wonderful pictures of the event to keep the energy and momentum going.
  6. Complimentary Coaching After the Event – The leader of the team will also receive one complimentary follow-up executive coaching session to assist in the learning transfer.
  7. Press Release (Optional) After the Event – Let the rest of the world know about your good deeds! We’ll send a press release to the news outlet(s) of your choice after the program with a photo of the event if you’d like.
  8. Conversation Starter (Optional) Before the Event – If you like, we provide you with a quick conversation starter for people to think about and share with other members of the team before the event. This builds anticipation, allows people to start ‘good gossip’ about your event and makes the event even more memorable.
  9. Professional Development (Optional) – Combine Veteran Tribute with one of Quixote Consulting’s training programs such as the strengths-based program At Your Best or an assessment such as MBTI, Firo-B or StrengthsFinder for a full day of professional development that blends fun and content to be all you can be.

Global and Multi-Lingual
Quixote Consulting consultants have led team building events around the world: on most of the continents (not Antarctica yet) and in different languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.

This program includes a debrief by a trained facilitator. The debrief focuses on linking the activity with your important work back at the office. The Veteran Tribute debrief helps you to leverage the power of purpose back at work, discover team and individual strengths and link your performance with contributing successfully as a team. Portions of the debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
15 to more than 5,000 participants. The larger the group, the more care packages you make, and the more veterans, service members and their families in your community benefit! We’ve worked with very large and very small teams around the world.

Program Length
2-4 hours. The program can also be part of a full day incorporating Team Collaboration Quest collaborative team building or a work-style assessment such as MBTI or StrengthsFinder. This provides a perfect partnership of content-based training and a powerful story and image of your team collaborating successfully.

Space Requirements
20 square feet of open space per participant is a good guideline. Veteran Tribute can be indoors or outdoors – your office building, a ballroom or conference room, even a local park. Teams Joining Forces can be held anywhere in the world. We come to you, complete with everything you’ll need to insure an exhilarating and memorable event.

Take Homes, Extras
The leader of your team will receive a complimentary signed copy of Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher’s book Remembrance: A Tribute to America’s Veterans and accompanying music CD to share with the team. Quixote Consulting will also sponsor a quantity discount if you would like to order a copy of the Remembrance book and CD for everyone who participates.

We also send action photos and further resources to participants after the event. These resources guide participants in making a strong link between their positive experience and their important work back at the office. And when possible your group will also receive a Thank You card and/or photo from the military family recipients.

About Remembrance: A Tribute to America’s Veterans
"We will remember them." With compelling scenes from the Revolutionary War to the war in Afghanistan, artist and Korean War veteran Robert Fletcher and his son Rob provide a legacy for the nation's 26.2 million veterans who are alive today and all who preceded them. Nearly half of all Americans who served during wartime in our country's history are alive today. Tribute is paid to them by providing a view of their lives that has not been addressed before. Remembrance is the first book to depict veterans and military funeral scenes from all of America's armed conflicts in a series of precise and poignant watercolor paintings and pencil drawings.


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