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Primary Benefit

High-energy fun!

Secondary Benefits

Fast paced and energizing

Bonding through shared fun and laughter

Maximum participation for everyone

Can be customized to fit ongoing themes in the company

Emotional impact that sticks- a great story that people will be talking about for weeks afterwards

Pump your team up for an off-site or kicking off a project

Using competition to drive success

Highlights positive team characteristics

The Game
The Ultimate Game
Are you ready for the wildest teambuilding program yet? The Ultimate Game is pure fun and an incredible energizing event. Imagine a giant, colorful game board, large enough to accommodate your entire group. The music starts, the extra-large dice are rolled, and the game begins! Teams work their way around the game board, furiously trying to answer trivia questions and complete wild and wacky "team challenges". Teams earn points for team spirit, creativity, and enthusiasm!

If you're interested in seeing your group soaring to new heights of fun, frantic energy this is your chance. The Ultimate Game is a perfect choice to kick off an off-site, celebrate a success, energize a day of meetings, or as a send-off to dinner after meetings.

The Ultimate Game is completely customizable. We can work with you to incorporate company trivia, or let us provide it for you.

Themed Ultimate Games
  • Ultimate Chocolate Game (can incorporate chocolate teambuilding programs)
  • Ultimate Wine Game (can incorporate wine teambuilding programs)
  • Ultimate Racing Game
  • Ultimate Baseball Game
  • Ultimate Game of Love (perfect for weddings, we recently did this where the bride and groom came up with trivia about themselves that guests tried to answer as teams!)

What Game do you want to be in? We'll customize any topic you pick.

Training Module or Debrief
There is no debrief for this event. Ending can incorporate an awards ceremony or recognition event if desired.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
30-400 participants, the more the merrier! Team sizes can vary from 5 to 12 participants per team based on your group needs.

Program Length
45-90 minutes. Can be incorporated as a grand finale to a half-day or full day of teambuilding.

Space Requirements
An open space with no tables or chairs. The larger the better, but the giant game board easily adapts to accommodate whatever space you have available. The Ultimate Game works well in either an indoor or outdoor setting.

Can Be Paired With

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