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Primary Benefit

Major fun!

Secondary Benefits
This highly competitive, fast-paced game hones skills and concepts needed in a fast-changing marketplace:

Group Problem Solving


Working under pressure


Tight deadlines

Dealing constructively with constant change

Working with the unexpected

The Game
Show Me the Money
Imagine a giant game of Monopoly with no taking turns, no jail, and no holds barred. Multiple teams form their own companies and compete for market share in a giant game of corporate mayhem. Your company races across a giant game board, trying to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. All the while, you have to dodge market pitfalls and and fend off your competition. Go for the big bucks by completing team projects like “Show Me the Money!” and “Show Me the Talent!” Or take a wild-card chance on a “change spot”.

Other core competencies you focus on can include Finance, Product Development, Information Systems, Technology, Advertising and Team Vision.

This is a powerful Teambuilding tool for increasing teamwork, having fun and returning your team to the workplace with a highly energized mindset. Chock full of strong and obvious workplace metaphors, Show Me the Money instills everyone with a sense of accomplishment and success. It’s designed for full and comfortable participation by everyone who attends.

Training Module or Debrief
An optional debrief can be led by a trained facilitator, focusing on recognizing team strengths.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
20 - 400

Program Length
One to three hours

Space Requirements
An open space with no tables or chairs. The larger the better, but the giant game board easily adapts to accommodate whatever space you have available. Show Me the Money works well in either an indoor or outdoor setting.

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