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Primary Benefit


Secondary Benefits

Balancing Fun and Output

Resource Management

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Goal Mapping

Time Management

The Game

“There’s a team who leads a life of danger…” Secret Agent Team is the chance to prove once and for all who really deserves those international assignments, flying cars and big expense accounts. There is nothing cooler than a double-0, impossible mission completing, natural Bourne spy complete with all the fancy gadgets and deep expense accounts. Which team will be awarded those top honors?

Agent WD40 from Spy School briefs your teams on the objective of their mission. Next, each team is armed with a briefing package including coded messages, captured intelligence, ‘macro-film’ and things too highly classified to mention here.

 Participants will break codes, follow clues, retrieve sensitive information and push their mental acuity and communication skills to the limit. Teams elect members to undertake certain missions based on personal strengths and skills. Some challenges require stealth and cunning; others call on creativity and imagination. Marksmanship, communication, agility, innovation and even singing prowess are all put to the test. A wide variety of challenges from active to cerebral ensure that all participants are engaged and having fun.

Secret Agent Team is a perfect way to become more effective at prioritization and activate effective time management techniques. This is a wildly exciting step away from the day-to-day routine, and always filled with hilarious surprises. This event is also really effective at pushing out-of-the-box thinking –  let's face it, success as a high level international spy these days requires a lot of right-brain ingenuity.

Training Module or Debrief
A debrief can be customized to highlight your group’s desired focus if desired. Debrief focus can include: prioritization, time management, resource management, the power of fun, and aligning strengths with tasks.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
A group must have at least 12 persons (three teams of four). Secret Agent Team works well with groups up to 250 persons (25 teams of 10). The average team size is 8-10.

Program Length

Secret Agent Team runs for approximately 2 - 3 hours, depending on the size of the group. It can be lengthened or shortened according to your time limitations and needs.

Secret Agent Team is a perfect program to pair with Quixote Consulting’s Time of Your Life time management training program for half or full day of rich content and big fun!

Space Requirements
20 square feet of open space per participant with a table for each team.

Can Be Paired With

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