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Primary Benefit

Team Building

Secondary Benefits

Listening to everyone’s ideas

Role definition


Resource utilization

Communication skills

The Game
Team Sand Castle Build

Beach team building activities have never been more fun than with the Team Sand Castle Build! Designed by Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher after a request from a client (we love our clients’ endless creativity!), you’re going to love the sunny fun of the Team Sand Castle Build beach team building game! 

Participants seperate into beach blanket teams. Each team is charged with the challenge of building an innovative, beautiful sand sculpture with a wild assortment of materials, ranging from the helpful to ridiculous, leading to questions such as “will these tooth picks really help?” All members of the team must coordinate efforts to brainstorm, create and build a sand castle that reflects one of their company or team’s themes.

The Team Sand Castle Build beach team building activity is perfect summer time fun, and even better if it’s winter and you’re heading to where it’s summer: Florida or further south for your winter conference! There are roles for everyone, so everyone is engaged. Teams gather points for innovative ideas, involving everyone on the team, most beautiful flag, collaborating with other teams, most beautiful sand castle, most structurally impressive sand castle and more.

Challenge questions range from summer fun beach trivia to questions that reinforce team training and your conference themes. For example, Quixote Consulting has incorporated challenges that test a team’s knowledge of MBTI, strengths, resiliency, influence and emotional intelligence to name a few.

The optional Beach Blanket Bingo Icebreaker starts your event with an energizing exclamation point. Everyone is given a card with interesting facts and hobbies relating to summer fun personalized for your team on a Bingo card grid. Meet your people, find out who’s done what, write their names on the card and get to cry, “Beach Blanket Bingo!” before your co-workers do!

This ‘stealth team building’ activity is often used to reinforce and experientially explore vital team building themes such as goal-setting, defined roles, communication, collaboration and innovation.

Walk on sunshine, enjoy good vibrations, come sail away on your surfin’ safari under the board walk or under the sea (or in a pineapple under the sea, or an octopus’ garden or a yellow submarine…) with the girl from Ipanema, catch a wave, pull mussels from the shell, enjoy the summer breeze, the summer wind and the catfish jumpin’ in Margaritaville all before the tide is high!

Training Module or Debrief
An optional debrief by a Quixote Consulting team building consultant drives the learning home, and links building performance with team performance in the work place. Wherever you are in the spectrum between workplace links and pure fun, we’ll meet you there. The debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
From 8 to 300

Program Length
Two to three hours. Can be combined with Strengths At Work, Team Quest, MBTI Team Quest or other team training topics for a full day of content and fun.

Space Requirements
A sandy beach next to a body of water. We come to wherever you’re going with everything you need to have a fun, memorable and successful event!

Take Homes, Extras
Fun, silly prizes can be awarded to top-performing teams and individuals.

Can Be Paired With

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