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Primary Benefit


Secondary Benefits

Increase team synergy

Enhance connections

Develop mutual trust

Improve communication

Practicing effective listening and communicating

Individual achievement within the context of a team

The Game
Rock Band Inc.
Heading out on the highway, looking for adventure? Want to be a rock and roll star?

Here’s your chance to live the fantasy as our rock and roll facilitators lead your teams through this exciting and memorable musical experience. In just two hours, each rock and roller will learn enough technique on a rock instrument to perform several classic rock tunes.

Participants are grouped into bands and learn the basics of guitar, bass and percussion. Guitars are tuned in an innovative tuning that makes it easy for the "guitar players" to rock out. Bass guitar parts are designed to sound good, yet be easy to play. And if you can walk and breathe at the same time, you can play some great sounding percussion parts. Lead singers learn basic singing and microphone technique, how to be a good front man/woman, classic stage moves and how to do your hair in a crowded van zipping down the Jersey Turnpike. Lead singer training also includes tips on the best ways to break up the band and achieve greater fame and wealth by going solo. Hey, if it worked for Phil Collins, it should work for anyone. And of course the band includes background singers and others playing cool hand percussion instruments. There’s a role for everyone in Rock Band Inc.

Create your own contract rider on the way to fame and fortune – no green M & Ms in the dressing room?  No problem!

After the groups have a blast playing classic rock and roll cover tunes, they realize that the real money in the music world is in songwriter royalties. To bring the program to an awesome grand finale, each band creates an original song and performs it in an exciting battle of the bands. Well-trained and experienced facilitators help, guide and nurture the bands as they create their songs. Facilitators are also invited to join in with the bands as they perform their One Hit Wonders!  If this is all part of your rock n’ roll fantasy, welcome to Rock Band Inc.! Just remember: There’s no I in supergroup.

Training Module or Debrief
This program can include a debrief by a trained facilitator around new discoveries about your team, and celebration of successes. The debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
From 4 to 200

Program Length
Approximately two hours. This program is also available as part of a one-day workshop including a range of fun and stimulating team-building exercises.

Space Requirements
25 square feet per participant

Can Be Paired With

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