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Primary Benefit

Team Building

Secondary Benefits

Listening to everyone’s ideas

Role definition


Resource utilization

Communication skills

The Game
Boat Building

It’s sink or swim time – will your team come out high and dry, or end up all wet?

Welcome to the wild, watery fun of the Return of the Titanic Boat Build team building program!  Participants divide into small project teams. Each team is charged with the challenge of building a raft from a wild assortment of materials, ranging from the helpful to ridiculous, leading to questions such as “will these water wings really help?”

Your vessel must be capable of transporting several team members and your team flag. Navigate through an obstacle course to a dock or buoy on a body of water (we’ve used lakes, pools, rivers and even the ocean), then (hopefully) all the way back to shore.

All members of your crew must coordinate efforts to brainstorm, create and build the raft. Here’s your chance to be Huckleberry Finn, except that in our version everyone wears a lifejacket!

Return of the Titanic Boat Build
The Return of the Titanic Boat Build team building program is perfect summer time fun, and even better if you’re heading to Florida or further south for your January conference! There are roles for everyone, so everyone is engaged at the level that works best for them. Teams gather points for innovative ideas, involving everyone on the team, creating the most beautiful flag, collaborating with other teams, and designing the most beautiful boat to name a few.

Not everyone needs to go into the water, only those that want to get wet. The photos and memories after the event are priceless and the fun and learning last much longer than a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

An optional debrief by one of our consultants drives the learning home, and links building performance with team performance in the work place. Wherever you are in the spectrum between workplace links and pure fun, we’ll meet you there.

Program Length
Hopefully somewhat less than a three-hour tour.

Space Requirements
A body of water. We come to you with everything you need to have a fun, safe and successful event!

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