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The Game
Record Breakers
What is it like to capture the energy, passion and fervor of Olympic competition? What’s it like to break a Guinness World Record? World Record Breakers takes you there!  In this high-energy Olympic-style teambuilding activity, 12 brazenly hilarious events, never seen before by fans anywhere, challenge your team to go for the gold, again and again! Teams will have 12 records to break in 12 events being conducted – all at the same time!

And then, in the wild grand finale, each team competes against the rest of the world as they try to break actual Guinness World Records! If you can break a Guinness World Record, we’ll submit your winning attempt to Guinness and you’ll have earned fame and immortality as a world record-breaking team!

There are no barriers to entry, here. Everyone participates, regardless of physical prowess. Groups are divided into table teams, and each one is given a list of records to set and beat. Teams strategize, plan, prioritize and choose which records to go for based on their own strengths and interests. The catch is – everyone is trying to beat the same records!

And no record is safe for long, because the team next to you is working to break the record you just set.  As the game ends, teams gather around the official World Record Breakers Score Board to see who scored the fastest, longest, funniest, and zaniest attempts. As teams check their standings, you see that every team is a winner because they’ve had a great time!

World Record Breakers is an event definitely designed for groups who like measurable results. Not only are table teams competing against each other, they compete worldwide in the Guinness World Record Breaker round. Everything is put up on the record board for all to see. The high energy and passion from this friendly competition really rallies teams together. Teams enjoy the camaraderie and the great fun they have strategizing and working toward the Gold and becoming a World Record Breaker in this Olympic-sized event!

Depending on your needs, Quixote Consulting can customize key parts of World Record Breakers to fit ongoing company themes or something completely different. It’s your choice. Even the team building activities themselves can be tailored to fit your workplace routines, your industry, or your departments. Quixote Consulting can integrate your business into the event to provide a truly personalized World Record Breakers Olympic team building experience!

If desired, World Record Breakers Olympic Team Building can include a debrief of team performance around communication, working together led by a Quixote Consulting trained facilitator. The debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
From groups of 8 to 2000.

Program Length
1-3 hours. World Record Breakers can also be the culmination of a full day of Team Quest teambuilding or incorporated into a day or multi-day program using work-style assessments such as MBTI or StrengthsFinder.

Space Requirements
20 square feet per participant with enough room for each team (6-10 people per team) to sit at a round table as well as open space.

Take Homes, Extras
Fun, silly prizes can be awarded to top-performing teams and people.

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