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Primary Benefit

Team building for a great cause

Secondary Benefits

Practice excellent customer service by getting to know your elders and anticipating their needs

Sets the stage for increased appreciation and collaboration across generations



Identify strengths

Inspire your team

Adopt an Elder

Show that you care with this exciting charity team building program that connects teams with underserved elders in their community! Each team ‘adopts’ an elder in need and creates a customized care package for them. We choose the elders in advance by coordinating with local senior centers and assisted living facilities to find residents that would especially benefit from receiving these special gifts.

Next, it’s each team’s time to shine by creating a special care package for their elder!  But in order to do so, the teams will need to earn “money” to purchase the supplies!  Money doesn’t grow on trees in this program. It is earned the hard way by answering trivia about generational diversity and remarkable elders while completing team challenges!

In addition to purchasing care package supplies at our “store,” each team will work on giving the gift of themselves. Armed with a creative kit, teams will use all of their talents to craft works of art from the heart. Teams gather written stories about the people on the team, their loved ones, their children, their community, and their pets to share with their elders. They can also visit the photo station to have their picture taken. Keep in mind that it pays to show how much you care – each of these “visual messages” is judged for points!  

Whenever possible, the elders will be present to receive their care packages or the team will deliver them personally.  When neither can happen, we will give the packages to a representative from the care facility. There is also an option (but not a requirement) for teams to continue contact with the elders beyond the program.

From the Millennials to Generation X to the Baby Boomers to the Heritage Generation, this meaningful program helps teammates notice each other in a whole new way while appreciating the ‘greatest generation’. The insights gained will give everyone a new way to relate and work together more effectively.

We all want to make a difference in this world. Here’s a rare opportunity to actually do so, with immediate, tangible results built into the process. This is an extraordinary way to infuse a conference with energy, create a feeling of immense good will and a sense of meaning larger than day-to-day work challenges.

Training Module or Debrief
This program can easily include a debrief by one of our acclaimed facilitators. We''ll be happy to customize your debrief to link the whole event (and the spirit behind it) to your organization's values, goals and culture.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
15 to over 1,000 participants. The larger the group, the more elders in your community benefit!

Program Length
2-4 hours. Can be paired with our Generations Collaborate program for an unforgettable daylong event.

Space Requirements
Enough room for each team (6-12 people per team) to sit at a round table. 20 square feet per participant is a good guideline. Generations Give can be held anywhere in the U.S. We come to you, complete with everything you'll need to insure an exhilarating and memorable event.

Can Be Paired With

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