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The Game
Chowdah Cook-Off
Welcome to the Wicked Good Chowdah Cookoff culinary team building program! If you’re a Boston native, you’ll completely understand the description of the game below. If you’re from outside of Boston, you can read the translation that follows.

Alright all you chowda heads, let’s go see if we can’t get yoah team to have a killa time. The Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff is wheah all the fun times ah!

Name yah chowdah: fish, clam or cohn. Yah can use lots ah groceries foah yah cooking of coahse: cahtons of cream, budda, onions, cohn, b’daydas, raw reggs, scrod, gaggas, and whatevah ya might want from Stah Mahket or Cumbie’s (but not the packie, you’re on yah roan theah, guy.) Start booking and create yah chowdah. Be pr’payahd t’do some work, t’use y’hahnds and t’make a mess. F’get about calories, fats, and c’lest’rol! Create a chowdah work of aht, a Julier Child rapsha to make the judges go hoopy ovah. Ya can even make that wicked weid red Nooyawka chowdah, if that floats ya dorry. Whea yah from? Southie, Eastie, Dottie, Rozzie, Meffid, from across the rivah or westa Wihsta? It’s time to get townie and staht cookin’.

What team will capsha the top honahs? Is yah team wicked bomah or bucka? Play hahd but feaha, the judges don’t like cheetahs one bit. Shuah, yah can hosie the top prize all ya want, but heeyah it’s all about whether ya chowda’s fried, quality, bizah or killah. Squeet, and bettah hope yah chowdah’s wicked pissa.

Wicked Good Chowdah Cookoff is as much fun as a dingah on a Saddadee night.but no need to come decked, Era ya can dress casual, weah ya dungies and bobos.

Attention all chowder afficionados, you’re in for a rather enjoyable team experience. The “Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff” (sic) is where the fun times are!

Chowdah Cook-Off
Name your chowder: fish, clam, or corn. You can use many different types of groceries for cooking, of course: cartons of cream, butter, onions, corn, potatoes, raw eggs, fish, clams and whatever else you may require from a local supermarket (but not the liquor store, our apologies, but that is solely up to you.) Move quickly and create your chowder. Be prepared to do some work, to use your hands and to make a mess. Forget about calories, fat and cholesterol! Create a chowder work of art, a rapture that will make the judges extremely excited. You can even make Manhattan clam chowder if you so desire. Whether you’re from South Boston, East Boston, Dorchester, Roslindale, Medford, Cambridge or west of Worcester, Massachusetts, engage your inner Bostonian and start cooking.

What team will capture the highest accolades? Is your team very smart or not so intelligent? Play hard but fair, the judges have a high standard of integrity. You can truly desire the top prize, but really the most important qualities are whether your chowder’s weird, worthless, bizarre, or really exceptional. Let’s eat and pray that your chowder is of a high quality indeed.

“Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff” (sic) is as much fun as a party on a Saturday night, but you don’t have to come wearing your evening finery. You can dress casually in jeans and sneakers if that’s preferable.

Training Module or Debrief
An optional debrief can be led by a trained facilitator around recognizing team strengths.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
8 to 800.

Program Length
90 minutes to 2 hours.

Space Requirements
A room large enough for a table for each team to use a portable stove, chop up ingredients, and create a marketing strategy. Large groups can be done in a ballroom or outdoors.

Can Be Paired With

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