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Primary Benefit

Change Management Team Building

Secondary Benefits

Practice changing immediately with Forty Days of Change For Good activity

Learn why some change initiatives fail while others are successful.

Discover how to create a sense of urgency that energizes people.

Find out how to empower your people to take ownership and be change agents.

Discern what you have power to change and what you don't.

Uncover ways to help people with the emotional side of change.

Learn what kind of communication is key to successfully navigating change.

Develop a change action plan that leaves room for unexpected change.

Overcome 'change weariness' and spark excitement around change initiatives.

Craft change initiatives that really work.

Get people 'on board' mentally and emotionally for change.

Help everyone take ownership of change initiatives.

Formats Available

Half-Day Workshop

One-Day Workshop

Two-Day Workshop

Change Management Team Building Exercises

Change Management Team Building

“It is by changing that things find rest.” Heraclitus

Quixote Consulting changes it up with a mix of change management content and action, fun, experiential learning and reflection. Change Up is aimed at you and your team increasing adaptability and resiliency when change happens and learning how to effectively drive change. Change Up also focuses on strengthening and deepening personal relationships throughout – a cornerstone of the human side of change.

Change Up Change Management Team Building Exercises create experience labs that emulate common changes teams experience every day. Teams play and experiment with their response to these changes in a no-risk atmosphere, honing their adaptability and resiliency changes. It also increases their empathy ability for those affected by changes they drive, leveraging the human side of change. Don’t just change – change up!

Just Like Work: Nine types of Changes Addressed in Change Up: Change Management Team Building Exercises
  1. The goal changes (A loftier goal or a different goal entirely)
  2. The teams change (reorganizations – more people, fewer people, redistributed people)
  3. The team roles change (different leader, different linchpin, different front-line people)
  4. The playing field changes (new regulations, new markets, new competitors)
  5. The materials change (different types of materials, more materials, fewer materials available to use)
  6. The strategy changes (moving from competition to collaboration is the most common strategy shift)
  7. The time constraint changes (less time usually)
  8. The level of challenge changes (Things usually get harder, markets get more competitive)
  9. Everything changes (all of the above, all at the same time!)

Change Up! Change Management Team Building Content Overview (One Day Program)

(Note: One Day is the preferred time most teams invest, but half day and two day options are available)

  • Start off the day with a bang – a mix of short (10-15 minute) and longer (45-60 minute) activities that let your team build relationships with each other and play with change experientially.
  • By mid-morning we move into content. For most people this is the optimal time of day to learn new complex concepts.
  • After lunch we move right into an experiential activity. This removes lunch torpor and gets everyone involved in a hands-on way once again.
  • After the mid-afternoon break, we focus on a mix of activity and direct application to life at work and at home. Statistically this time of day is when people have the hardest time focusing. Research has shown that only action and direct application can break through the mid-afternoon haze. This mix keeps personal interest, personal investment and energy high.

Change Up the People

Each different activity allows new teams to form and new personal relationships to be forged, maximizing meeting and mixing.

Four Paths to Change Up! (Examples of each are outlined below.)
  • Short energizing activities about change
  • Short change team building exercises
  • Large scale change team building exercises
  • Content-based change mastery training

Change Up! Change Management Icebreakers and Energizers - Short 'Getting To Know You' Team Building Activities
  • Play with the concept of change in fun, quick segments.
  • Set the tone for a fun and interactive event.
  • Provide a transition from meetings and presentations to full engagement.
  • Strengthen personal connections and build camaraderie that help increase resiliency and adaptability.
  • Help participants to know fun facts about other members of the team.
  • Speed networking.

Change Up begins with one or two short (5-10 minutes each) fun team building icebreakers and energizers. These ‘getting to know you’ activities set the tone for interactive fun. They provide a transition from meetings and presentations to full active engagement. Participants strengthen personal connections and learn fun facts about other members of the team. Whether your team knows each other fairly well or has never met in person before, we highly recommend beginning the program with one or two of these activities. Some examples are included below. Some (but not all) can be incorporated into your day of change management team building exercises. These shorter activities are also used as punctuation marks throughout the day.

Change Up! Change Management Icebreaker Examples to Choose From

What Changed? (Change Management Team Building Energizer)
Partners change personal appearance without the other partners seeing. Then it’s guessing time – what changed?

Change You Can Use (Change Management Team Building Energizer)
Partners share personal changes that happened to them recently that they’re really happy about. This activity reinforces the concept that change is a positive thing.

Team Scavenger Hunt Bingo (Change Management Team Building Energizer)
Everyone is given a card with interesting facts and life changes personalized for your team on a Bingo card grid. Meet your people, find out who’s done what, write their names on the cards and get to cry Bingo before your co-workers do! One of our clients’ favorite icebreakers!

Cocktail Party Speed Networking (Change Management Team Building Energizer)
Pairs are given questions to ask each other and report out on later. These intriguing, positive questions speed network your team beyond ‘small talk’ to conversations that are real, interesting and fun.

Commonalities (Change Management Team Building Energizer)
The facilitator gives topics such as favorite music and favorite pastimes. Players quickly find everyone else who shares the same tastes. A mix of high-energy fun and discovering commonalties with colleagues helps participants to expand their relationships beyond day-to-day work roles and gets everyone up out of their seats and on the move.

Change Management Team Building Exercises: Adapt. Grow. Thrive.
  • Develop critical team performance competencies to increase adaptability and resiliency when faced with change. The participants must work together and communicate well in order to succeed at the activities.
  • Multi-round change activities allow groups to adapt, grow and change their strategies and executions to meet changing goals
  • Put change management team building tools to work.
  • Create team spirit, excitement and help participants to get to know each other better.

Each Change Management Team Exercise is approximately 30-45 minutes long. Each change management team exercise culminates in a debrief so that teams can immediately learn from their successes and failures, link their performance to change situations they’re involved in back at the office, and name focal points for their attention for the next activity.

The sequence of activities is intentional. Each change management team building activity builds on the one before to create an experience that is memorable, fun and has lasting impact on your effective change management teamwork.

Some of Quixote Consulting’s most popular change management team building teamwork activities are included in the following list. These or others (but not all) may be incorporated into your customized program.

Change Management Team Building Exercise Examples to Choose From (Each lasts between 30-45 minutes)

The Change Maze (aka the Cheese Maze) (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
Your team navigates a simulated maze in search of “cheese.” Participants must rely on each other to cross a maze that is too confusing for them to get through on their own. At a critical point, the maze changes unexpectedly – participants must regroup, uncover the change, overcome resistance and frustration to change in order to find the new path to get everyone on their team across. Will your team be able to assess the change, overcome their old way of looking at ‘the way things ought to be’ and find the new path? Transform your team to scurry through the change they are faced through the power of action learning!
Type of Change Addressed: Playing field change

On Target (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
In this multi-round activity, the group is separated into groups and given a task: deliver a maximum number of balls into specific buckets within strict time deadlines in the midst of a rapidly changing environment. As the activity progresses, the participants find that they must challenge their own assumptions about competition, problem solving, and “the way it’s always been done,” in order to reach their goals. Innovation, team collaboration and team communication skills are emphasized.
Type of Change Addressed: Goal change, team change, team role change, strategy change

Picture This (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
You have some of the information but can you communicate what you know? Who will see the big picture?
Each person gets images that are part of a larger sequence. Together the group must decipher the sequence and get the images laid out in order without any person seeing anyone else’s images while the clock ticks! Will the group see the big picture in time or will they get bogged down in details…or worse yet, fail to notice a crucial part of the image in time? This complex verbal communication skill builder has a powerful “aha” factor that makes the grand unveiling unforgettable!
Type of Change Addressed: Team change, materials change, time constraint change

Make the Connection (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
This puzzling challenge requires the whole group to collaborate and communicate – quickly. Twenty five pieces link in innovative ways. Can you make the connection? This collaborative team building activity challenges groups to communicate with impact, listen actively, foster teamwork and collaboration and get engaged – quickly.
Type of Change Addressed: Team change, materials change, time constraint change

Sharing Best Practices: The Big Info Swap (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
Two sub-teams must work to achieve success in two separate activities; however, each team’s success is directly connected to their abilities to share their best practices with the other team. This collaborative team building activity challenges groups to not only collaborate in small groups but also actively collaborate and root for other departments in their company.
Type of Change Addressed: Goal change, strategy change

Aces High (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
This giant card game has everyone on the move and communicating quickly. Incredible times are achieved as teams compete head-to-head. The challenge is doubled for a wild finish in a collaborative grand finale! This collaborative team building activity challenges groups to realize how compelling and exhilarating it can be to collaborate when given a challenging deadline.
Type of Change Addressed: Goal change, strategy change, time constraint change

Better Get Better (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
In this high-energy, collaborative team building exercise, teams are given a task with a tight deadline. They must develop and improve a solution through successive attempts. As the activity progresses, participants find that they must assign roles, clarify rules, and find ways to improve their scores repeatedly. They also learn from watching other teams, and must decide whether competition or collaboration with others will achieve their goals more effectively.
Type of Change Addressed: Goal change, team change, team role change, strategy change

Change Up! Change Management Team Training

Change Up! Change Management Team Training moduleshelp your people view change as a blessing and not a curse by exploring powerful content, practical tools and techniques to transform your team into change agents. And your team will be able to practice changing immediately with Quixote Consulting’s proprietary Forty Days of Change For Good activity.
Change Up! Change Management Team Training moduleshelp you avoid the pitfalls that too many ineffective change initiatives fall into. We’ll examine your unique change situation step-by-step as well as examine case studies of successful and unsuccessful change initiatives. And we’ll look at the big picture by discovering how to both lead and manage change for maximum effectiveness.

Change Up! Change Management Team Training Content Modules to Choose From

40 Days to Change For Good
The core of the Change Up!’s change management training content is Quixote Consulting’s proprietary change ritual 40 Days to Change For Good. A change ritual is a pre-decided repetitive action that combines practical and symbolic value. You decide what you want to change, what your change ritual is about before you begin, and then you do it repeatedly (in this case every day for 40 days). You get practical value from doing it daily but it symbolically shows your commitment to your change. This powerful combination re-wires the synapses in your brain that creates lasting positive change.

40 Days to Change for Good change management training is packed with the latest research from positive psychology, change experts, scientists, personal experience, poets, musicians, religious traditions and people just like you. You’ll learn what makes change stick and why it usually doesn’t, why ritual trumps self-discipline, key ways to support your change for good, why 40 is the magic number and more.

40 Days to Change for Good change management training was written to help you make a change for good for life. You’ll be guided through the process of creating and leading a ritual that you and your team follow for 40 days. We’ll help you to get ready and decide what you want to change. We’ll guide you step-by-step to craft a change ritual that you’ll love. We’ll help you to lock in support for your change ritual and to complete it elegantly. And you’ll walk away with tons of resources to support your change ritual and a clear blueprint to bring it back to your team/family/organization.
Type of Change Addressed: Changes You and Your Team Want to Make
Adaptability: Resiliency When Change Happens To You
The Adaptability change management training module provides a simple, effective and easily remembered tool for being resilient when change happens to you. First, we’ll help you list the stressors of change in your life. Then you separate them into two buckets: what you can and can’t control. We’ll encourage you to focus on the one bucket that you can change. And we’ll help you to be resilient when change happens by guiding you to list what is changeless for you in the midst of change and list how to return to those things in the midst of change.
Type of Change Addressed: Changes That Happen To You and Your Team

Large-Scale Change Management Team Building Exercises
If your change management team building session is going to include 35 people or more, a large-scale change management team building exercise can be potentially incorporated. These larger scale change management activities focus on a large goal that requires many people to collaborate and plan over a longer period of time, just like work.

Some of Quixote Consultingļæ½s most popular large-scale change management team building teamwork activities are included in the following list. One of these or others (but not all) may be incorporated into your customized program.

Large-Scale Change Management Team Building Exercise Examples to Choose From (Each last between 90-120 minutes)

Catapult (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
Catapult your team to success with this design and build programs where participants have to design and build a full functional catapult and test and compete for challenges of distance and accuracy. Following the brainstorming on the plan, testing the prototypes is the first test launch. Then come the team refinements, more negotiating and bartering and we put the teams together for a measured challenge.

Provided with a unique set of materials, a budget to buy or negotiate with other teams for more, teams will first test themselves against other teams and then come together to work with the other teams to create the most effective and efficient Catapult.
Type of Change Addressed: Goal change, team change, team role change, playing field change, materials change, strategy change

Charity Bike Build (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
Teams build bicycles for under-served children in their area. From the creative mind of Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher, our consultants have helped hundreds of companies just like yours build more than 10,000 bicycles for under-served children around the world. Teams complete challenges that test their knowledge of change, resiliency and adaptability to earn bicycles.
Type of Change Addressed: Knowledge of change, team change

Ultimate Change Game (Change Management Team Building Exercise)
Travel around the giant game board, furiously completing wild and wacky trivia and team challenges in the craziest team building program ever. The Ultimate Change Game is a fun, high-energy way to finish a day that includes a lot of people by directly addressing a challenging topic. This is the icing on the cake, the dessert at the end of the meal. Teams test their adaptability and resiliency knowledge.
Type of Change Addressed: Knowledge of change, team change

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