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Team Building Offerings

Charity Team Building
For 30 to 500+ people, approximately two hours

Charity Bike Build - As featured on NPR!
Teams build bicycles for underserved children in their area.
Charity Wheelchair Build - Charity Wheelchair Build gets your team building wheelchairs to help disabled people stay independent in this charity team building activity.
Give the Kids Music - Learn to play the and build musical instruments and then give the gift of music to underserved children.
Generations Give - Teams "adopt" elders in need and create customized care packages for them.
Pack to School - Fill backpacks for kids in this fun charity team building activity.
Teddy Bears to the Rescue - Teams build bears for children in need.
Charity Roller Coaster - Design and build the world's most exciting roller coaster and help kids learn about science.
Military Salute - Teams build care packages to be given to soldiers stationed overseas.
Teams Joining Forces - Craft care packages to be given to military families with soldiers stationed overseas.
Veteran Tribute - Teams build care packages to be given to disabled, underserved and homeless military veterans.

Music Team Building

Play the Blues - As featured on NPR and in The Meeting Professional
Learn to play the blues harmonica in just two hours! Each team member will receive their own harmonica, a copy of Blues Harmonica for Beginners book and play-a-long CD. Within minutes you will be playing a real blues song together. The grand finale features your team as the stars performing an original blues song that you have created together!
Give the Kids Music - Learn to play and build musical instruments and then give the gift of music to underserved children.
Music of Teams - Music of Teams links music and the effective team and transforms your people into musicians of their work.
Build a Team Song - Write, record and perform an amazing team theme song.
Guitar Heroes - Learn to perform a classic rock song together on guitars in two hours - even if you've never touched a guitar before!
Bang On My Drum All Day - Get in sync with one another and drum up good business practices.
Sing the Blues - Learn the basics of singing the blues and then as a team write and perform a song backed by real blues musicians!
Rock Band Inc. - So you wanna be a rock n' roll star? Imagine your team, playing all the instruments, and sounding amazing!
Name That Tune! - Guess the song and more in a fun music team building activity that everyone can play.
American Corporate Idol - Rewrite the lyrics to a famous song and perform it.
Music Networking Fun - Getting to know you in a fun music team building activity that everyone can play.
Networking Music Dinner - Getting to know you over dinner with a fun, musical theme.

Quixote Collaborative
For 30 to 500+ people, approximately two hours

Collaborative Charity Bike Build - Combine the power of collaboration and charity team building to build bicycles for children in the world's only fully collaborative charity team building event.
Team Collaboration Quest - Teams complete a customized series of challenges through collaboration and communication.
Change Up! – Teams master change with a mix of team building and training.
Roller Coaster - Innovation rules as you utilize all materials you can access to design and build the world's most exciting roller coaster.
Crossing Chocolate Bridges - What better way to hone communication skills than with chocolate?
Pipeline - Teams build a device that will transport a maximum number of marbles up to 50 feet!
GRPI Team Quest - Explore the GRPI model with a series of engaging multi-round team building activities.
Mostly About Cupcakes - Every good cook has a system for collaboration.
Alchemy - Transport and mix precious contents to transmute your team into gold!
Virtual Team Quest - Examine the unique pitfalls virtual teams face and learn how to overcome them in a series of interactive challenges.

Group Fun and Celebration
For 30 to 500+ people, one to two hours

Secret Agent Team - "There's a team who leads the life of danger..." Test your spy skills in a series of interactive challenges.
The Ultimate Game - Travel around the giant game board, furiously completing wild and wacky trivia and team challenges in the craziest team building program ever.
World Record Breakers - Ignite Olympic energy, passion and fervor with a dozen hilarious competitive events! Everyone can play regardless of physical ability.
Catapult - Design and build fully functional catapults and compete in distance and accuracy.
Team Sand Castle Build - Create innovative, beautiful sand sculptures with a wild assortment of materials for sunny team fun
Cerebral Knievel - Let your team's whole brain play and develop team skills at the same time in this giant Cranium-style game.
Show Me the Money - Teams form "companies" and race across a giant game board for market share in a game of corporate mayhem.
Quixote Hunt - Saddle up your mare Rocinante (i.e., your feet or a limo) and venture out on your very own customized scavenger or photo quest!
Return of the Titanic Boat Building - It's sink or swim time - will your team come out high and dry, or end up all wet?
Quixote Olympics - Compete in either our Summer or Winter Olympics, indoors or outdoors. Try "Tilting at Windmills" and a host of other fun events.

Bridge Over Chocolate Waters - Give your team's palate a treat and play with the "food of the gods" in this unique teambuilding event!
Whose Wine is It Anyway? - Get your team from "Good to Grape." You become the wine experts!
Teflon Chef - Prepare for culinary warfare in Kitchen Stadium as teams create amazing dishes. Time to unveil the mystery ingredient!
Team Chili Cook-Off - The searing flavors of this fiery festival guarantee that our Chili Cook-Off brings the five-alarm fun to your summer outing!
Wicked Good Chowdah Cook-off - Alright, all you chowda heads, have a killa time. This is wheah all the fun times ah as much fun as a dingah on a Saddadee night.
The Networking Dinner - Get to know new people and have a great meal while competing in team challenges with every course.
Beer Here Now - "To Beer or Not to Beer" is not the question! Savor the moment with high-end beers and fun food pairing.
Team Bourbon Tasting - Find your inner Don Draper as you explore the delights of this 600 year old beverage while networking with other "Mad Men" on your team.
Team Mixology - Create the perfect team mix while mixing perfect cocktails!