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Gallup research shows that less than 20 percent of the workforce has an opportunity to do what they do best every day, and that only 16 percent of the workforce is actively engaged at work. Quixote Consulting believes this number can dramatically increase in an organization that employs coaching to draw forth the unique talents of each person and insure that their strengths are effectively in play every day.

Our coaching approach is a collaborative one. Every client is unique, and together we identify and implement solutions that address your individual situation and enable you to drive sustainable systemic organizational growth.

We partner with you to help identify your most important quest, uncover the surrounding core issues, come up with a practical action plan and make the changes necessary for you to reach your potential. Together we look for a larger picture, your unique vision. With this vision in mind we create a series of small, incremental, measurable steps to get you there.

Quixote Consulting coaching addresses two issues most critical to leader development. First, leaders benefit from having a personal plan of development to which they are committed. (Fewer than ten percent of all executives have a development plan.) Secondly, leaders benefit from having forums in which to discuss pressing issues. (As documented by the Corporate Leadership Council)

Return on Investment
When applied in the right context and at the right time, research shows that coaching has a tremendous, exponential return on investment (ROI). Some instances where coaching has been used especially effectively:
  • To accelerate the productivity in the first 90 days of an initial hire or a promotion (as documented by Harvard Business Professor Michael Watkins)
  • When targeting very specific skills (e.g., leadership, communication, effective management, managing major changes, conflict resolution, time management, etc.)
  • To align executives' performance with strategic objectives
  • To help highly valued, at-risk executives with fatal flaws (i.e., blind spots, Achilles' heels)
  • To leverage high-potential moments - When an executive on his or her own asks for help.
  • Group coaching - small groups of executives who might share a common need

Executive coaching provides the best path to sustaining the energy and implementing what you have learned from the consulting and training you have invested in. Effective coaching in conjunction with group training is the most efficient way to produce positive long-term change.

Our coaches are insightful, empathic and build rapport with their clients. We listen, really listen, ask powerful questions and, together with you, set intentions that pave the way to your sustained success.

The Quixote coaching experience enables our clients to see the adventure possible in every aspect of their lives, to see what can be, not just what is and put that possibility into play.

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Here are some potential topics for your coaching quest:

Change Quest Leader's Quest Social Sector's Quest
Conflict Quest Manager's Quest Strong Teams
Customer's Quest Mission/Vision Quest The Team Quest
Emotional Intelligence Works Negotiator’s Quest The Time of Your Life
The Eye of the Storm Office Yoga Train the Trainer
Get to Great Persuasion: The Art of Influence True Communication
Innovator's Quest The Quixote Energizer Virtual Team Quest
  The Quixote Meeting  

Here are some assessments that can be aids on your coaching quest:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) StrengthsFinders DiSC
Thomas Killman Conflict Mode (TKCM) Instrument Firo-B  

"All things are possible."

-Don Quixote