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Targets your MBTI training to focus on your most important outcome – effective communication.

Provides a deep and rich language of each person’s unique communication strengths and preferences.

Increases team communication effectiveness by aligning an individual’s preferences to particular team communication challenges and opportunities.

Supplies a common framework in which team members can better understand and manage team communication.

Identifies team communication assets and potential blind spots.

Provides a positive language with which to discuss overcoming team communication differences.

Available Formats

Half-Day Workshop (Communication MBTI is only available as a half-day workshop if your team has already completed an MBTI training session previously)

One-Day Workshop (The starting point for MBTI Communication and MBTI team building)

Two-Day Workshop (An in-depth exploration at MBTI Communication and MBTI team building)

MBTI Communication Quest

MBTI Communication Quest targets your MBTI team building training to increase your team’s communication effectiveness through the power of the world’s most widely used personality inventory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). Quixote Consulting’s MBTI Communication Quest helps you and your team to see each other’s MBTI communication strengths in a three dimensional way. Team members recognize the unique communication strengths that other types bring to the team, and the power that comes from multiple types communicating together.

Each of us has distinct and different preferences in the way we communicate. These preferences guide how we take in and evaluate information and the way we orient ourselves to the world around us. Enhance your ability to communicate by uncovering your MBTI preferences and understanding how your natural way of interacting affects others. Learning and leveraging each person’s unique communication style will provide the framework for a future of clear, strong, and vital communication within your team and organization.

The Ideal Team (and the Ideal Format) to take the MBTI Communication Quest

The MBTI Communication Quest is ideal if your team fits into one of two categories. If your team has taken part in an MBTI team building session and you are all familiar with both MBTI team building concepts and know each other’s MBTI personality types then we recommend you book either a half-day or a one-day MBTI Communication Quest. This Myers Briggs communication training builds on your team’s existing knowledge to maximize your team’s MBTI communication strengths.

If your team (or a meaningful percentage of your team) is new to the MBTI and MBTI team building, we recommend that you book either a one-day or a two-day MBTI Communication Quest. This Myers Briggs communication training creates a solid foundation of MBTI team building skills at the same time as maximizing your team’s MBTI communication strengths.

Practical and Applicable

At Quixote Consulting, we know how important it is for any new MBTI training knowledge to be practical and applicable. That's why we put such great emphasis on immediate and realistic application. Participants leave with a plan in place for employing their new MBTI communication skills in the coming week and beyond.

Energetic and Fun

We also know that people respond best to presentations that are energetic, interactive and fun. There is always laughter in the session. And the unique methodologies Quixote Consulting employs definitely help – we’ve used the modalities of chocolate and even wine pairing to explore the Myers Briggs (MBTI). Any of Quixote Consulting's fun team building programs can be easily combined with the Myers Briggs (MBTI) to create that magical mix of meaningful fun.

Best of the Best

Quixote Consulting’s research team gathers the latest MBTI communication and MBTI team building research and sifts through that impressive collection of knowledge and wisdom. We then distill what we’ve found into what is most important, memorable and applicable to you and your team. In short, we do the work so your people can benefit the most from your MBTI communication and MBTI team building session.

Lasting Impact

Participants walk away from the MBTI Communication team building training with practical tools that can be immediately applied to their individual work situations, as well as a vision of the powerful productivity possible in a team that recognizes and leverages all team members’ MBTI communication strengths. We stretch our time together (and your training dollars) by including (optional) pre-workshop assignments, post-event success tools and coaching.


Quixote Consulting customizes key components of the MBTI Communication training to ensure that you get the right material to the right people at the right time, maximizing the return on your MBTI team building investment. We take into account your unique team situation and your desired outcomes to design an MBTI Communication training that is exactly right for you.

We also recommend:

  • Individual coaching to maximize the effectiveness of your training investment
  • Fun team building events all of which are designed to explore the MBTI in an enjoyable, interactive setting

'Opening Up a New World of Peace and Enjoyment' - An MBTI Team Building Quest Story

A pivotal moment during an MBTI team building session happens when participants get the results of the MBTI assessment online. At this point in the Myers Briggs training, each person has already guessed what they think their MBTI personality type is. People usually find that both the online assessment and their self-assessment are either exactly the same or have only one preference that is different. But what happens when three out of the four are different? For Shelley, this disconnect opened up a world of peace and enjoyment.

“Hey, thanks for coming to our Sales Conference last week, I really enjoyed working with you. I was the person who only knew one of my indicators for certain and you guessed that I would get more out of the experience than anyone else because I would probably study it out and learn new things about myself. Well, I have been studying it and I have really gotten a lot out of the experience and the materials you left with us and learned several new things about myself. Thank you very much for that. In the process of reading through the materials, I realized that I'm an INTP whereas at the conference I thought I was an INFJ--interesting switch considering the fact that you told us there is the most communication conflict between the T-Fs and J-Ps. Anyway, I feel like this understanding of myself is really opening up a new world of peace and enjoyment for me.

For me the decision between T or F ended up hinging on the fact that I get so tired of people asking about my weekend and wanting to tell me about theirs. It's been especially poignant lately since I had a baby about 6 weeks ago and even though I love him tons I've gotten so tired of everyone asking how he's doing! There were a lot of characteristics that had me going back and forth but I've definitely discovered that I'm a T.

And an interesting thing about the discovery that I'm a P instead of a J was in the realization that I stress about organization. Not because I need it or it's very important to me but because it is so beyond me and I really admire people who can do it. I realized that I can sometimes be obsessive about schedules and organization because several people in my life that I really admire are natural organizers and I wanted to be like that. But it has caused me significant stress over the years because I just can't do it. No matter how hard I try, the organizational skills elude and baffle me. I have found a measure of peace and relief now that I've discovered it just isn't part of who I am and that's okay. I don't have to be a brilliant organizer to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Thanks again!”
-Shelley E., InterContinental Hotels Group

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