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Identify your unique leadership strengths and potential blind spots.

Empower leaders at all levels of the organization.

Create resonance for positive influencing and inspiring.

Align your everyday work with a larger vision of you and your people at their unique best.

Learn how to maximize optimism to rally others to a better future.

Discover how to maximize collaboration and return the focus to serving the customer.

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Half-Day Workshop

One-Day Workshop

Two-Day Workshop

leadership management

Leader Quest explores these questions:

  1. What is my unique leadership style?
  2. How can I unite people and rally them to a better future?
  3. How can I empower people in every position to lead?

Each person has a unique leadership style. Leader Quest helps you to develop your preferred leadership style and learn to watch out for potential blind spots. For example, do you know a leader who overly focuses on the task at the expense of relationships? You’ll learn where different leaders prefer to focus their attention, goals, values, and organizational structure. Leader Quest will help you move beyond one-size-fits-all leadership and unlock your unique leadership strengths.

We look at what it's like for you to be at your best. From that self-awareness you'll develop an action plan for inspiring others to do what they do best everyday and give their best. We’ll focus on building on what you and your people are best at rather than by focusing on “fixing” weaknesses.

You'll examine case studies of visionary leaders from all walks of life, from the famous to the humble. And together we’ll look at ‘crucible’ case studies of personal bests from you and your peoples’ lives: leadership stories from each person’s life that changed or helped form their life and those around them.

Leader Quest shows you how to create resonance (a key driver for successful influencing) with anyone and how to transform that good will into positive action for change.

You'll learn techniques to maximize your optimism, your faith that things can get better, as a leader, a core ingredient in rallying others to a better future. You’ll also be better equipped to universally address whatever fears and anxieties people have.

And you’ll learn how to maximize collaboration by properly aligning competitive drive, empowering others, and returning the focus to a passion for serving your customers. Leader Quest will enable you to be better equipped to inspire passion to get the work done – an abiding passion, a disciplined joy, that keeps energy high to get good work done right when time is tight, demands are high and resources are low.

By looking at leadership as coming from all levels, everyone then has a chance to make a difference. Leader Quest helps people, no matter what their role, to lead by inspiring others to greatness through action, whether inspiring a shared larger vision, driving change, enhancing collaboration, or inspiring others to challenge the status quo, be bold and innovate.

Practical and Applicable
At Quixote, we know how important it is for any new training knowledge to be practical and applicable. That's why we put such great emphasis on immediate and realistic application. Participants leave with a plan in place for employing their new skills in the coming week and beyond.

Energetic and Fun
We also know that people respond best to presentations that are energetic, interactive and fun. There is always laughter in the session. And the unique methodologies we employ definitely help - we've used the modalities of chocolate and even wine pairing to explore the workshop content. Any of our fun team building programs can be easily combined with this workshop to create that magical mix of meaningful fun.

The Best of the Best
Our research team gathers the latest management and leadership research and sifts through that impressive collection of knowledge and wisdom. We then distill what we've found down into what is most important, memorable and applicable to you and your team. In short, we do the work so your people can benefit the most.

Leader Quest draws on the extensive work of such thought leaders as Kouzes and Posner, Warren Bennie, Bill George, Daniel Goldman, Howard Gardner, Marcus Buckingham, Bill George, Peter Senge and Martin Seligman.

Lasting Impact
Participants walk away from the session with practical tools that can be immediately applied to their individual work situations, as well as a vision of the powerful productivity possible in a team that recognizes and leverages all team members' strengths. We stretch our time together (and your training dollars) by including (optional) pre-workshop assignments, post-event success tools and coaching.


We customize key components of the workshop to ensure that you get the right material to the right people at the right time, maximizing the return on your investment. We take into account your unique team situation and your desired outcomes.

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