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Supplies a common framework in which team members can better understand and manage communication, conflict, problem solving and team culture

Provides a simple and memorable language for each person’s unique strengths and preferences

Helps team members to value and work with the strengths of others

Increases productivity by aligning an individual’s preferences to particular team tasks

Identifies team assets and potential blind spots

Provides a positive language with which to discuss overcoming differences

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Half-Day Workshop

One-Day Workshop

Two-Day Workshop

The DiSC assessment is one of the most popular assessments in use today. In the last 30 years it has been experienced by more than 40 million people worldwide and has been tested extensively in more than 30 different countries. The DiSC helps people assess how they can best use each dimension of four different behavior quadrants in different situations. It’s extremely popular in corporations globally for its speed (it takes fewer than 10 minutes to complete the DiSC assessment online), simplicity and ease of applicability.

What the DiSC personality profile tells you
DiSC is an acronym for:
Dominance – focuses on moving fast, taking action on projects and solving problems
Influence – focuses on people, having fun and liking each other
Steadiness – focuses on patience, persistence, and calm listening
Conscientiousness– focuses on structure, rules and procedures

The four DiSC profile dimensions can also be thought of as the four Ps: Project (D), People (i), Persistence (S), and Procedure (C).

The DiSC assessment is not a test, even though people often refer to it as the ‘DiSC test’. There are no right or wrong answers, no right or wrong preferences. Everyone has a unique place that they prefer to work in each of these four DiSC dimensions. There are no ‘bad’ preferences – all preferences are important, and in the right setting are complementary. A team that has different preferences has the opportunity for the clearest picture of a project and the best chance at getting it done on time, on task, with all members working happily and passionately.

Our Approach to the DiSC
Quixote Consulting highlights the unique value that each person brings to a team and affirms their unique contribution to an effective team. We create an atmosphere where people have an opportunity to discuss differences using a positive, common language.

Our consultants focus the DiSC results toward creating dialogue between team members. We guide participants toward seeing other members of the team in a more three-dimensional way, where each person has a unique set of preferences.

And we ensure that each member of the team realizes the importance of having other preferences to help them. We move people from conflict with each other to communication and ultimately to collaborative interdependence

Practical and Applicable
At Quixote Consulting, we know how important it is for any new training knowledge to be practical and applicable. That's why we put such great emphasis on immediate and realistic application. Participants leave with a plan in place for employing their new skills in the coming week and beyond.

Energetic and Fun
We know that people respond best to presentations that are energetic, interactive and fun. There is always laughter in the session. And the unique methodologies we employ definitely help - we've used the modalities of chocolate and even wine pairing to explore the DiSC personality profile. Any of our fun team building programs can be easily combined with the DiSC assessment to create that magical mix of meaningful fun. And our time together is loaded with quick action learning activities that blend DiSC training with DiSC team building.

The Best of the Best
Our research team gathers the latest management and leadership research and sifts through that impressive collection of knowledge and wisdom. We then distill what we've found down to what is most important, memorable and applicable to you and your team. In short, we do the work so your people can benefit the most.

Lasting Impact
Participants walk away from the DiSC assessment workshop with practical tools that can be immediately applied to their individual work situations, as well as a vision of the powerful productivity possible in a team that recognizes and leverages all team members' preferences. We stretch our time together (and your training dollars) by including (optional) pre-workshop assignments, post-event success tools and coaching.

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