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Clarify the common branded uniformity of experience you want to provide.

Uncover each member's unique path to this common experience.

Learn the principles of influencing for a positive result through emotions and body language

Find out how to use your own authenticity to create a connection with the customer.

Explore a past personal best' in customer service and distill the experience into a universal applicability.

Focus on having fun and bringing the customer in on the fun.

Customer Service Workshop
What is your customer’s quest? What’s most important to them? What is the common ‘branded’ customer service experience you’d like to offer? Are you leveraging it fully? Within that commonality, what’s unique to you and your team? What do you naturally, instinctively provide that addresses the customer’s needs?

Together we'll uncover the answers to these questions and leverage those answers for superior customer service. We'll look at your customer base and find what needs they have in common. Then we'll drill down with specific customers and uncover their unique needs and how to meet them. And we'll come up with specific, simple definitions of successful customer service and build a road map to get there, every time. From there, we'll look at how to bring a service-oriented culture into every day at work and lay the foundation for your customer service to be seamless, trustworthy, attentive and resourceful.

Transform your customers into your sales-force by engaging their passions and making their lives more wonderful. Whether you work directly with your customers or not, everyone will benefit from this rich, fun and experiential workshop. Whether we're working with companies looking for a culture change, call centers, face-to-face front-line workers, directors bringing back their insights to their lanes, or non-traditional areas such as IT centers, all will walk away with fresh, new insights and the tools to apply them.

We keep the energy high with a fast-paced mix content, small group interviews, case studies (ideally we use actual case studies from your company), action learning sequences. We'll also examine other companies that are customer-service leaders such Southwest, Nordstrom, Jet Blue, and Trader Joe's. blend the essential nuts and bolts of customer service with cutting-edge principles from the Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, and Communication fields to give you the Customer Quest edge.

Action Learning
Get out of your seat, on your feet and put what you've learned into practice by incorporating one or more of these simulations into your Customer Quest training. Here are a few examples:

Charity Bike Build
Time is almost up, and your team is working like a well-oiled machine as you build 'err, well, well-oiled machines! Armed with wrenches and enthusiasm, you race to construct a children's bicycle. Meanwhile, other teammates are navigating fun, innovative puzzles and challenges that test their customer service knowledge to earn enough 'money' to purchase that last crucial part to make your bike the first off the line. Now, your real customers come running out - underserved children from your community! Imagine the delighted surprise that fills the room when your group finds out these kids get to take the bicycles you just built home with them. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the passion a team can feel about their work when they get to meet and spend time with their customers.

Customer Quest Pipeline
Build to the client's specifications and uncover their hidden needs in this exercise that gets your people seeing a project from the customer's perspective. Teams work together to build a device that will transport a maximum number of marbles up to 50 feet!

Customer Quest Egg Drop Soup
Brainstorm, research, product test, build, and demonstrate a product that must protect the valuable contents. This egg-citing activity challenges you to peak innovation. You're providing a very helpful egg-drop service to your clients. Protect the valuable contents and don't make egg-drop soup!

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