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Make a change for good for life

Learn a valuable tool for leading change

Avoid change failures and make change work for you

Drive the change you want

Create a specific actionable plan to implement change over the next forty days

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Change Management Training and Team Building

40 Days to Change For Good

Have you wanted to make a change in your life? Have you made New Year’s resolutions? Even with the best of intentions, almost half of all New Year’s resolutions are forgotten a month into the year. Corporate America has an even poorer track record. 70 percent of all corporate change initiatives don’t achieve what was originally envisioned. 70 percent!

So if classic change initiatives are not successful (and you can probably remember a few that weren’t), what can make change work? The 40 Days to Change for Good change management training is designed to help you make or lead the change you want – for yourself and your team.

What’s a change ritual?
The core of the 40 Days to Change for Good change management training is Quixote Consulting’s proprietary change ritual. A change ritual is a pre-decided repetitive action that combines practical and symbolic value. You decide what you want to change, what your change ritual is about before you begin, then you do it repeatedly (in this case every day for 40 days). You get practical value from doing it daily but it symbolically shows your commitment to your change. This powerful combination re-wires the synapses in your brain that creates lasting positive change.

40 Days to Change for Good change management training is packed with the latest research from positive psychology, change experts, scientists, personal experience, poets, musicians, religious traditions and people just like you. You’ll learn what makes change stick and why it usually doesn’t, why ritual trumps self-discipline, key ways to support your change for good, why 40 is the magic number and more.

40 Days to Change for Good change management training was written to help you make a change for good for life. You’ll be guided through the process of creating and leading a ritual that you and your team follow for 40 days. We’ll help you get ready and decide what you want to change. We’ll guide you step-by-step to craft a change ritual that you’ll love. We’ll help you to lock in support for your change ritual and to complete it elegantly. And you’ll walk away with tons of resources to support your change ritual and a clear blueprint to bring it back to your team/family/organization.

Are you ready to lead a change that will really last? It’s time to start your 40 Days to Change for Good!

Note: 40 Days to Change for Good change management training is focused purely on leading changes that you and your team want to make. If your focus is on how to be most resilient when changes happen to you we recommend Quixote Consulting’s Change Quest: Change Management Training and Team Building and Resiliency: Five Keys to Success.

40 Days to Change For Good
Practical and Applicable
At Quixote Consulting, we know how important it is for any new training knowledge to be practical and applicable. That's why we put such great emphasis on immediate and realistic application. Participants craft their 40 Days to Change for Good change ritual during the workshop and leave with an action plan (including support) for completing their change ritual every day for 40 days.

Energetic and Fun
We also know that people respond best to presentations that are energetic, interactive and fun. There is always laughter in the session. And the unique methodologies we employ definitely help - we've used the modalities of chocolate and even wine pairing to explore the workshop content. Any of our fun team building programs can be easily combined with this workshop to create that magical mix of meaningful fun.

Lasting Impact
Participants walk away from the session with practical tools that can be immediately applied to their individual work situations, as well as a vision of the powerful productivity possible in a team that recognizes and leverages all team members' strengths. We stretch our time together (and your training dollars) by including (optional) pre-workshop assignments, post-event success tools and coaching.

We customize key components of the workshop to ensure that you get the right material to the right people at the right time, maximizing the return on your investment. We take into account your unique team situation and your desired outcomes.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll learn from the five sections of the 40 Days to Change for Good change management training:

Part One: Getting Ready
Learn why 40 is the Magic Number
Hear the Story of the Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Beet and Find Out Why You Have Less Self-Discipline Than You Thought
Why Ritual Trumps Self-Discipline

Part Two: Deciding What You Want to Change
Discern What You Can Change and What You can’t Change
Learn 12 Reasons Why Change Fails
Unlock 12 Ways to Make Change Work For You
Discern the Difference Between – Changing Vs. Escaping – How to Love Your Life While You Change It

Part Three: Crafting Your Change Ritual
Get Six Suggestions for Your 40 Days to Change for Good Ritual
Learn Six Questions to Ask About Your 40 Days to Change for Good Ritual
Find Out the Importance of Saying NO in order to say yes to what you want to change
Leverage Action, Thinking and Feeling – The Three Keys to Successful Change
See Your Brain on Change – Why you Need thinking as Part of Your Ritual
Re-orient How You Feel About Your Change Ritual (Want > Should)
Explore Examples of Rituals of People Just Like You

Part Four: Support For Your Change Ritual
Get Ten Suggestions to Keep Your Ritual Going
Find Out What Nelson Mandela Wants You To Never Forget
Hear what Robert Frost Has To Say About Devotion
How To Let the Beauty You Love Be Part of Your Change Quest
Find Out How Gratitude and Change, Happiness and Success Are Linked
Learn How Journaling Can Make You Happier and Help You Change
Find Out How Pine Needles Can Help You Persist

Part Five: How to Complete Your Change Ritual
What Supports the Ritual and What Doesn’t
Find Out Why Celebration Matters
Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Reward – Three Steps To Collecting Your Real Bonus
Find Out The Most Important Things To Do When Leading a Change

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