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Harvest Summer’s Happiness – a Quix Tip

Now that we’ve reached our first week of fall, it’s helpful to gather what has been given you in the last season and to integrate it. Harvest summer’s happiness. Pause and recall your life adventures from June 21 to September 21 Linger on moments of summer happiness and savor them again. Select a project you will work on throughout the fall that is important to you. Set the foundation for the project in your summer happiness. Let your delight be the first steps in your fall project.

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Abandon all hope of fruition – a contrarian view of project management

My last post talked about the Buddhist slogan of “abandon all hope of fruition.” What if we put that in the center of any project we were managing, either in our own lives or work team life? We’re left simply with, “am I able to find the delight/peace/fulfillment that is available to me at any moment of the day in any task?” That’s not an easy question. But all we know we have for sure is this moment. And if we want to be plumb, to be on target with our task, we need strong building blocks. Work done soured by resentment or endless perceived self-sacrifice is not a firm foundation. Persistence is built brick by patient brick. Those bricks and the cornerstones are all made of the same stuff – the quality of our lives right in this moment. Writing blog posts comes to mind for me. I can either trudge away, writing in hopes that I’ll hear from readers, that I’ll get more readers, that I’ll somehow get more work from what I write, that they’ll transform into books, and on and on. Or I can focus on delight as I write each word of each post. That second option works much, much better for me. Look at a project that is important to you right now – something that you want to change and transform. Now imagine abandoning any hope of fruition. This doesn’t mean fruition is actually any closer or further away. We’re just letting go of the hope that fruition will occur. How might you walk through this project differently today unburdened by that unhelpful hope? There’s a reason for each project that we take on. What is the underlying purpose? Where is the element of play hidden in the project? If you put aside the concept of self-sacrifice, where is the element of passion in the project for you today? All of these questions are much easier to answer if you…abandon all hope of fruition. Prints of the image above can be purchased from the artist here. Teams can explore project management team building in Quixote Consulting’s GRPI model Team Quest.

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