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How to stop multitasking during virtual meetings

Here’s advice you can share with your virtual team meeting to help with engagement during the meeting. This is a version of advice I give to team members before any virtual team development workshop. You WILL be tempted to multitask during a virtual meeting. Engagement, flow and happiness levels are directly linked to focusing on one project and temporarily excluding all other distractions and outer demands. Resist the urge to check out and multitask. If you are unable to resist the urge, do it consciously instead of unconsciously. Notice what happens to your level of engagement, flow or happiness when you split your attention and attempt to multitask. Do your engagement levels increase or decrease? Has your connection to your team-mates increased or decreased?  This is all helpful information to consciously note. What do you do if you stay focused, don’t multi-task, but still find the meeting boring or an exhausting waste of time? You can do nothing and complain in a side conversation with someone, never speak up and make everyone on the team suffer together.  Or you could do something about it. This is your opportunity (and responsibility) to speak and lead the team to a better, more energizing meeting. Be the change you want to see.  I provide virtual coaching, virtual team building and virtual team development workshops for leaders and and organizations that are ready to be at their best. Ask me how I can help you.

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