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Leading Change: A New World Baked Fresh Every Day

On my early evening walk I came across the mountain laurel, pink-budded and ready to bloom. Beauty! And in the warm late sunlight I heard crickets for the first time this year. Noticing is like that – it’s easier when something’s new and fresh to your awareness. And every day brings something new. I once […]

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The Limitation/Innovation Connection – How to Put a Contact Lens In With One Hand

Here’s a great story that Dick Anderson, an inspiring harmonica player from Colorado, sent in. Happy limitation/innovation!   I was struck by the quote in your latest newsletter “The best art is made within strict limitations.” It came at a time when I’m experiencing some discoveries in the innovation process.  I’m preparing for a shoulder […]

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Five Dysfunctions Team Building – A Team Trust Story

I recently led a ‘Five Dysfunctions of A Team’ team building and training with a small group. We focused on the base for any team – trust. They did brave, difficult work in an intense day of focus – no email, no cell phones, just a beautiful view (the importance of setting can not be […]

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The MBTI, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Firo-B and Second Intelligence Smarts

I use lots of different assessments with teams. Four that I use frequently are MBTI, DiSC, StrengthsFinder and Firo-B. If you’re wondering, out of those, the MBTI is my favorite, StrengthsFinder my second favorite. Why? That’s the story for another day. What I’m most interested here is what they give people. These assessments give people […]

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Amygdala or Neocortex? Fear or Love? Which Path is the First Intelligence Taking?

The first intelligence is, according to the Persian poet Rumi, the “one acquired, as a child in school memorizes facts and concepts from books and from what the teacher says…you stroll with this intelligence in and out of fields of knowledge.” As with so many potentially helpful things, how you use it is more important […]

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Four Lessons Learned From Collaborative Team Building With Cisco

Here’s a review of a collaborative team building activity we led with Cisco recently. I’m including it here because it’s such a helpful reminder to hear four things that the team there found really useful. Which learning is most helpful for you to be reminded of today? “It was fantastic. The facilitator did a great […]

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How To Set and Complete A Sprint Goal

Of all the tools that I’ve mentioned, this one has been the most successful so far in getting me to take action and complete the work necessary to a project’s success. This tool is used in Scrum and has famously been used by Google for design work. You can read more in-depth overviews here and […]

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Action Steps to Take To Complete A Project

Once you’ve listed and prioritized big picture tasks, take the first priority. Break it down into small action steps – things that need action taken in order for completion. Ideally these are actions that can be completed either in a matter of hours or days, definitely not longer than a week. This is another form […]

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Action/Thinking/Feeling – What’s Most Needed to Complete a Project?

Quite simply, all three are needed. Action, thinking and feeling are a three-legged stool to support a project. Take a leg away and you fall down. Note every time you take action on your project (Fake it ‘til you make it). “Energy follows action…you act first and the inner reality follows. Your action is the […]

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Journal Your Way to Project Success

Research has shown that journaling is a powerful tool to motivate and integrate material more deeply. Day = Which day of your 40 days is it? Date = What’s the date today? Did it? = Mark if you did. Time = What time of day did you work on your change project? What Got Done? […]

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