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Team Building The AMC Hut Croo Way

After a full, beautiful day of hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire, my long-time friend Kevin (over 30 years!) and I reached our resting place for the night. We unslung our backpacks at Mizpah Spring Hut. An Appalachian Mountain Club hut is a ‘hut’ in name only. Located on Mount Pierce at 3,800 feet […]

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How Music Team Building Gets Teams In Tune

“Hey everybody! Let’s have some fun! Let the good times roll!” sings one excited participant as the rest of her team plays blues riffs on their harmonicas. Someone is playing the guitar; another, the tambourine. Everyone on stage is wearing retro-sunglasses and classic blues hats and having fun. As a music team building facilitator, it’s […]

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Five Dysfunctions Team Building – A Team Trust Story

I recently led a ‘Five Dysfunctions of A Team’ team building and training with a small group. We focused on the base for any team – trust. They did brave, difficult work in an intense day of focus – no email, no cell phones, just a beautiful view (the importance of setting can not be […]

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Four Lessons Learned From Collaborative Team Building With Cisco

Here’s a review of a collaborative team building activity we led with Cisco recently. I’m including it here because it’s such a helpful reminder to hear four things that the team there found really useful. Which learning is most helpful for you to be reminded of today? “It was fantastic. The facilitator did a great […]

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Tom Petty On Free Falling and Collaboration

“Jeff Lynne and I were sitting around with the idea of writing a song and I was playing the keyboard and I just happened to hit on that main riff, the intro of the song, and I think Jeff said something like, ‘That’s a really good riff but there’s one chord too many,’ so I […]

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What Do You Focus On if You’re Lydia Ko, you’re 18 and the #1 Female Golfer In the World?

Q: “How do you handle the pressure of competing at that level consistently?” Lydia Ko: “I’m just trying to enjoy it. And having fun for me is the most important thing. And golf is a sport where you’re playing for a long time so having fun keeps the pressure go away.  I have a really […]

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Bobby Broom on Teamwork and The Collective Nature of Jazz

“The ‘great man’ theory in jazz, to me, doesn’t work. It’s not just one guy. Duke [Ellington] couldn’t have done it without the members of his orchestra. It’s just that we need some kind of  ‘hero-ification,’ we have to be able to make a history, to make a story. But while it ’ s a convenient thing […]

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Elon Musk, Tesla and Collaborative Team Building

“If we’re all in a ship together, and the ship has some holes in it, and we’re sort of bailing water out of it, and we have a great design for a bucket, then even if we’re bailing out way better than everyone else, we should probably still share the bucket design.” – Elon Musk […]

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Do You Wait Until It’s Perfect Or Start Now?

Mad Max director George Miller would urge you to start now, even if it’s not fully formed. Worried that what you’re working on is too big and important not to have it perfect prior to beginning? Miller directed a 140 million dollar movie this way: “It fills in. It’s like looking at a story through […]

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When the going gets tough, do the tough have fun?

“When Hugh [Keays-Byrne] would walk onto set in his [Immortan character] costume, the whole crew – not just the stuntmen – the whole crew would chant, “Immortan! Immortan!” It was such fun – it just lifted everyone’s spirits… cause it was tough out there.” -Mad Max director George Miller The Mad Max: Fury Road stunt […]

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