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Quix Tip: What Keeps You Afloat?

Some days it feels like we’re adrift on a stormy sea of worry, fear, anxiety, and pressures, whether it’s about work, lack of work, relationships, lack of relationships, the future, the past, and on and on. What keeps you afloat? What displaces the tough parts of life and keeps you going, engaged, hopeful and able […]

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Do The Work, Not The Time (Quix Tip)

Your value trumps your time – it’s a greater measurement than the time you put in. We know this intuitively – it’s why we get educated, get experience, play to our passion. All of these things increase our value. Yet for the most part, we use the clock as a greater arbiter of work done […]

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Take a Small Bite After All

(Guest Post by business etiquette expert Laura Herbert) One of the keys to better table manners is to take smaller bites. It is awkward to take large mouthfuls of food –and unsightly as well. Taking smaller bites means you’ll be less likely to talk with your mouth full and more likely to sit up straight. […]

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Quix Tip: Breathe

Breathing is not only the most important part of yoga, it is the most important part of being alive.  Your body completes this simple, beautiful task every moment of your life without the mind having to keep track of it, or put it on the To Do list. Beyond feeding the body with oxygen, breathing […]

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Quix Tip: How To Take a Mini Vacation

Schedule five minutes, an hour or an afternoon with yourself for a mini vacation sometime this week. Clear this time of any responsibilities and stressors. Make some notes about your favorite parts of previous vacations – was it that there was no agenda, no answering to anyone? Did you love the play of sun on […]

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Quix Tip: Giving – The River That Flows Both Ways

1. Pick one act of giving you can do for someone today, something that you can freely give. Not an object, but an action – the gift of your time, compassion, connection, empathy. 2. What can you give with your whole heart, without caring about how it’s received? What can you give without needing to […]

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Quix Tip: What Can You Give Today?

What are three ways to give today, this week? Write down one way to give something small today to: Someone you know and like Yourself A Stranger Bonus!: Someone you know and don’t like This can be an action, a smile, help, a courtesy, or an actual physical gift. Whatever it is, remember the two […]

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Quix Tip: DIY Name That Tune

In your car, press the scan button on the radio and see how many songs you can name. Set your computer music player program (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) on shuffle, put one finger on the pause button, another on the next song button. Close your eyes, start playing the song. Pause after a few […]

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Quix Tip: Thank a Veteran

Connect with purpose by reaching out and thanking a veteran. Here are three ways to thank. Try any and all: 1. Reach out personally to someone you know who is a veteran and thank them for their sacrifice. 2. Help a veteran out. Perhaps it’s listening to a story, taking them out for a bite […]

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Quix Tip: How to Get More Done Today

How to Get More Done Today Pick your highest energy point in the day. Block that time off in your calendar as if you’re in a meeting. Turn off your wifi and put your phone on airplane mode for as long as you dare during that time. Get the work done. Congratulate yourself on clearing […]

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