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Team Building The AMC Hut Croo Way

After a full, beautiful day of hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire, my long-time friend Kevin (over 30 years!) and I reached our resting place for the night. We unslung our backpacks at Mizpah Spring Hut. An Appalachian Mountain Club hut is a ‘hut’ in name only. Located on Mount Pierce at 3,800 feet […]

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Project Pipeline Team Building Review

“The session was great and delivered on our theme of the offsite meeting.  The facilitator did a great job and everyone had good things to say about him and the event.  Thank you.” – PIC Group, Project Pipeline   Explore this idea more fully in Quixote Consulting’s team building and team development activities:  Project Pipeline – […]

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Four Lessons Learned From Collaborative Team Building With Cisco

Here’s a review of a collaborative team building activity we led with Cisco recently. I’m including it here because it’s such a helpful reminder to hear four things that the team there found really useful. Which learning is most helpful for you to be reminded of today? “It was fantastic. The facilitator did a great […]

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Leave in the accidents: Trevor Rabin on recording Yes’ Owner of a Lonely Heart

“As I recorded it, I had a four-track recorder for demos, so you would record on the first and second tracks and then mix it to a third track. You would be making decisions based on what was coming, and sometimes those decisions would be wrong, but you couldn’t undo them. One of the things, […]

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How Trevor Rabin wrote Yes’s biggest hit Owner of A Lonely Heart

Guitarist Trevor Rabin wrote Yes’s biggest hit Owner of a Lonely Heart. Here’s how: “The interesting thing is, I was just sitting at home and I started messing with a riff. I thought: ‘This is so simple.’ I didn’t think twice about it. But then the more I thought about what I could do with […]

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Laura’s 40 Days to Craft for Good

Although the title is catchy, it really means that Laura is going to spend some time being creative each day for her 40 days – it’s not limited to crafts only (but crafts are the focus). She has set up a number of different projects to work on. These projects range from demanding high energy […]

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“Effortlessly, with Love and Appreciation”: Rick Rubin Returns to His NYU Dorm Room

“We did it effortlessly, with love and appreciation for music. And that’s it. We didn’t think about nothing else but the music. — Russell Simmons, on starting DefJam Records with Rick Rubin I loved this nine-minute video. 30 years after Rick Rubin started the wildly popular DefJam Records in his dorm room, he visited it […]

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What does Olympic gold-medalist skier Lindsey Vonn do to be at her best?

The cameras trained on Lindsey Vonn just before her gold-medal-winning run in Calgary in the Winter Olympics. What was she doing? She was slowly weaving and bobbing her body, arms up in place. She was visualizing the course and what she needed to do in a few moments at 50+ MPH on skis. She was […]

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The Mind Loves Its Old Home (Emerson quote)

Here’s a note that inspired me and I hope it inspires you as well. Our good friend Terry A., who we’ve visited twice in Hawaii, sent me this in response to my posting the Walt Whitman quote  “Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the […]

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Ten Qs and As with QC Music Team Building Facilitator Warren Bee

Warren Bee leads Quixote Consulting’s Play the Blues harmonica team building activity. Warm and friendly, his big heart and easy smile has endeared him to hundreds of budding harmonica players. What fun activities make you happy?  Playing the harmonica live on stage and feeding the birds in my yard. What kind of music do you […]

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