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Persist Like a Phoebe In Her Nest

Every year a phoebe builds a nest somewhere on our house. This year she built it on the crook of a gutter drainpipe above the walkway to the house, a highly trafficked area. If I’m out on the patio or on the back deck, I can look over and see her sitting on the eggs […]

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You’ll Never Get to the End of Mastery

I’ve been starting my musical practice with these cheery words. I’ll never get to the end of technical mastery. There’s always something else to learn, to get better at, to explore. So, there’s now no rush. And there’s nowhere to get to. Now is all I have, now is all you have, finding the spirit […]

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What Do You Focus On if You’re Lydia Ko, you’re 18 and the #1 Female Golfer In the World?

Q: “How do you handle the pressure of competing at that level consistently?” Lydia Ko: “I’m just trying to enjoy it. And having fun for me is the most important thing. And golf is a sport where you’re playing for a long time so having fun keeps the pressure go away.  I have a really […]

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What’s in a Number? (Power of Persistence)

Here are some Mad Max: Fury Road numbers: 30 years to get filmed 400 hours of footage 2,700 cuts (done amazingly by Miller’s wife and editing partner Margaret Sixel) 1,700 crewmembers 15,000 stunt crew-days 150 hand-built vehicles 120 days of filming in the Namibian desert a two-hour film 1 chase scene $347 million and counting […]

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“We go out daily and nightly to feed the eyes on the horizon…” (Emerson)

“We go out daily and nightly to feed the eyes on the horizon, and require so much scope, just as we need water for our bath… The blue zenith is the point in which romance and reality meet.” – Emerson Any break we take from the daily minute smallness that can constrict so tightly gives […]

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When’s the Right Time to Tap Your Sweet Spot of Engagement?

I recently wrote about making maple syrup here. There is a very specific time for tapping maple trees. It depends on the trees storing excess energy in the fall as starch and then resting for months until the warmth of the sun turns that starch into sugar – the tree’s ‘sweet spot’. Laura and I […]

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Concentrated Passion – Joss Whedon on writing The Cabin in the Woods in three days

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard wrote the movie The Cabin in the Woods in a concentrated time and space. One was downstairs in a hotel suite and the other was upstairs. They shared a printer and sent stuff back forth to each other, building on what the other was writing. They started at 6 AM […]

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Abandon all hope of fruition – a contrarian view of project management

My last post talked about the Buddhist slogan of “abandon all hope of fruition.” What if we put that in the center of any project we were managing, either in our own lives or work team life? We’re left simply with, “am I able to find the delight/peace/fulfillment that is available to me at any […]

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What is it like for a 62 year old rock star to perform?

“Think of it this way: performing is like sprinting while screaming for three, four minutes. And then you do it again. And then you do it again. And then you walk a little, shouting the whole time. And so on. Your adrenaline quickly overwhelms your conditioning.” – Bruce Springsteen This quote is from a great […]

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Love’s Confusing Joy (Part Six) What You Really Want

You’ll be forgiven for forgetting that what you really want is love’s confusing joy. – Rumi For the last post in this series I come back to what I mentioned before – how as humans we live in both worlds – the butterfly and the caterpillar, the glorious dream and the messy reality, the play […]

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