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Team Building The AMC Hut Croo Way

After a full, beautiful day of hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire, my long-time friend Kevin (over 30 years!) and I reached our resting place for the night. We unslung our backpacks at Mizpah Spring Hut. An Appalachian Mountain Club hut is a ‘hut’ in name only. Located on Mount Pierce at 3,800 feet […]

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Quest Story – Giving With Purpose – Using Micro-loans to Make a Difference in Vietnam

The number one reason why people give is that they have an opportunity. Micro-loans provide that opportunity to give in a new way, allowing people to make small loans ($25 and up) to individuals around the world. You get your money back after a certain time period. With Kiva for example, you get it back […]

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The Phoebes Flew On Independence Day

On the morning of July 4th, the baby phoebes were in their nest. I went tubing on the Millers River in the afternoon and when we returned, the nest was empty. They left on Independence Day – their first flight. And they never returned, probably never even looked back, not once. They moved forward with […]

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Quest Story: drumSTRONG

drumSTRONG is the world’s longest continuous rhythm DRUM-A-THON. Produced by DrumsForCures, the event showcases cancer health resources and features non-stop drumming for 26 hours. “We are making a sound impression on the health complexion of our community beating cancer!” founder Scott Swimmer says. “It’s probably the hardest thing in the world to hear that your […]

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Persist Like a Phoebe In Her Nest

Every year a phoebe builds a nest somewhere on our house. This year she built it on the crook of a gutter drainpipe above the walkway to the house, a highly trafficked area. If I’m out on the patio or on the back deck, I can look over and see her sitting on the eggs […]

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Quix Tip: Thank a Military Family

Connect with purpose by reaching out and thanking a military service member, their family or a veteran. Here are three ways to thank. Try any and all: Reach out personally to someone you know who serves, served or is the family member of someone who serves and thank them for their sacrifice. Make or buy […]

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Quix Tip: Giving – The River That Flows Both Ways

1. Pick one act of giving you can do for someone today, something that you can freely give. Not an object, but an action – the gift of your time, compassion, connection, empathy. 2. What can you give with your whole heart, without caring about how it’s received? What can you give without needing to […]

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How to Savor the Moment

The next time you get ready to drink something – whether it’s a beer, glass of water, juice, wine, pause to savor the moment. Use all of your senses to appreciate the impending taste. Pause and let go of anything else you’re thinking about, whether future or past or mundane – let it go. Block […]

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Leading Change: A New World Baked Fresh Every Day

On my early evening walk I came across the mountain laurel, pink-budded and ready to bloom. Beauty! And in the warm late sunlight I heard crickets for the first time this year. Noticing is like that – it’s easier when something’s new and fresh to your awareness. And every day brings something new. I once […]

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Quix Tip: What Can You Give Today?

What are three ways to give today, this week? Write down one way to give something small today to: Someone you know and like Yourself A Stranger Bonus!: Someone you know and don’t like This can be an action, a smile, help, a courtesy, or an actual physical gift. Whatever it is, remember the two […]

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