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Chocolate Trivia

Early Mexican history states that: 1. The cocoa bean was a gift from the Gods and forbidden to eat 2. Women were not allowed to eat cocoa, only men 3. Cocoa beans were used as money 4. Ground up cocoa beans were used to make flour  Which country consumes the most chocolate per person per […]

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Music Team Building Trivia Challenge

Here are some fun music trivia questions from our Name That Tune team building program! Scroll down to find out the answers. The Questions What song did the FBI determine is unintelligible at any speed? In which Madonna song were her vocals pitched up to make her sound younger? (She was 26 at the time.) […]

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Quix Picks: My Life as a Zucchini

In my last post I asked you to share your best punch line. Thanks for the submissions! Here are two that got us laughing: “The chicken’s going to a gig!” Best read with a yeti accent: ”Ah, but when you rub it, it becomes an attaché case!” My Life as a Zucchini A French claymation film […]

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Try This At Home! Send Us Your Best Punch Line: a Record Breakers Challenge

Here’s an activity that we sometimes do in our featured program, Record Breakers. Tell us your best (publicly appropriate) punch line to a joke. Not the whole joke, just the punch line. Ask your teammates – what’s the funniest/strangest/winningest punch line? Don’t send us the whole joke, just the punch line. Explore this idea more fully in […]

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Fun Facts Q & A with Rob Fletcher – Part 1

What is your favorite aspect of your work? I have two favorite aspects. The first is the actual time in front of a group leading a team building or training program and transporting them to a better place. It makes the traveling, the preparation – not my favorite aspects – worth it. The second is […]

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Team Building The AMC Hut Croo Way

After a full, beautiful day of hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire, my long-time friend Kevin (over 30 years!) and I reached our resting place for the night. We unslung our backpacks at Mizpah Spring Hut. An Appalachian Mountain Club hut is a ‘hut’ in name only. Located on Mount Pierce at 3,800 feet […]

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Quix Tip – Make Your Own Music

Shuffle, skip, whistle, hum. Tap on your coffee cup or your steering wheel in time to music. Sing along to the radio at work, in your car, in the shower. Sing wherever you feel comfortable, and try some places where you don’t. Experiment musically with Louis Armstrong’s quote: “What we play is life.”

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Try This At Home – Build a Boat

“Well I built me a raft and she’s reading for floating…” – from Black Water by the Doobie Brothers If you’ve enjoyed our Return of the Titanic Boat Build team building program and want to take the fun home to your kids, here are some hints to help you on your quest. Archimedes, Betty and Veronica Buoyancy […]

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Play the Symphony of Your Day

 “I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear…each one singing his…each singing what belongs to her and none else.” – Walt Whitman Take a moment to search with your ears to the sounds around you. It may be helpful to close your eyes – sound is noticed more fully when the eyes are closed. […]

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Quix Tip: How to Play Lightly

Notice a spot in your work that is calling for a very rapid tempo. Imagine what you could do to do that work perfectly. Now note what the minimum is that you could do right this moment. Notice which of the two approaches is going to allow you to produce something right now. Start by […]

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