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“Can I get away with this?”

There is a feeling that often accompanies unexpected play. It is the feeling of getting away with something. And your mind may get worried for a moment and ask yourself the above question. Other variations of that question may be, “is this legal? ” Many of us, myself included, sometimes carry the expectation that life […]

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The Innovation Play Connection

Grim-faced, hard-eyed innovation. Misery and creativity. These oxymorons don’t fit well together, do they? Innovation instead requires a sense of play. It delights in feeling that the stakes are low in this moment (and the stakes are always lower than we imagine). So let’s try something fun that we have never tried before. If you […]

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Quix Picks: Hell or High Water Movie Review

A ‘high water’ mark in modern day westerns that would make Cormac McCarthy proud. Directed by Scottish director David Mackenzie and written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario – a movie I do not recommend), they give us a real feel of west Texas – complete with a posse of pickup trucks chasing the bank robbers, just […]

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April Sledding

There is a wonderful sledding hill next to the house. A few weeks ago in March I told Laura, “Well, this looks like the last time we’ll be sledding this year.” Then over the weekend we got a snowstorm blow through, lasting all the way through April Fools’ Day. April 1 and April 2 this […]

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Top Quix Picks Movies & Shows from 2016 (Part Two)

Here are more of my favorite movies and shows I’ve watched this past year. Some are old, some are new, all are absolutely wonderful. Enjoy! Slow West                  There are few movie experiences more satisfying and hard to come by than a great modern Western. Folks, we have […]

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Top Quix Picks Movies & Books from 2016 (Part One)

Here are some of my favorite movies and books I’ve enjoyed this past year. Some are old, some are new, all are absolutely wonderful. Enjoy! Love & Mercy                  This biopic of Brian Wilson, the genius of Beach Boys fame, packs an emotional punch and is steeped in […]

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You’ll Never Get to the End of Mastery

I’ve been starting my musical practice with these cheery words. I’ll never get to the end of technical mastery. There’s always something else to learn, to get better at, to explore. So, there’s now no rush. And there’s nowhere to get to. Now is all I have, now is all you have, finding the spirit […]

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Rogue One (Reviewed by Theo Michelfeld)

Rogue One (Reviewed by Theo Michelfeld) The new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is phenomenal. This is not a sequel to last year’s The Force Awakens, but a prequel to the original 1977 film—a trip to the Rebel Alliance’s own Dark Side, on their mission to deliver the Death Star plans to Princess Leia. This […]

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If in Doubt, Start With Spirit

If you’re strapped for time and only have enough time for one – either spirit or technique – go with spirit. (I am truly writing these words now as advice for myself). As Yeats wrote, “No man has ever lived that had enough of children’s gratitude or woman’s love.” That can read literally of course […]

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Tom Petty On Free Falling and Collaboration

“Jeff Lynne and I were sitting around with the idea of writing a song and I was playing the keyboard and I just happened to hit on that main riff, the intro of the song, and I think Jeff said something like, ‘That’s a really good riff but there’s one chord too many,’ so I […]

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