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Quix Tip: Here’s Your Change

Pick a change that you’d like to initiate this month. Ask yourself: What visible changes would you like to make in one month? What has been cold and dormant in you waiting for new energy? What dream would you like to make visible to the world by the end of the month? You can track […]

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Try Something New: The Optimism Test

What happens when you try something new that is in some way challenging? How do you react you when you don’t quite get a new skill right away, or master a task? What do you tell yourself? These are questions I ask during our music team building programs, whether it’s Play the Blues, Rock Band […]

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Persist Like a Phoebe In Her Nest

Every year a phoebe builds a nest somewhere on our house. This year she built it on the crook of a gutter drainpipe above the walkway to the house, a highly trafficked area. If I’m out on the patio or on the back deck, I can look over and see her sitting on the eggs […]

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Quix Tip: How To Take a Mini Vacation

Schedule five minutes, an hour or an afternoon with yourself for a mini vacation sometime this week. Clear this time of any responsibilities and stressors. Make some notes about your favorite parts of previous vacations – was it that there was no agenda, no answering to anyone? Did you love the play of sun on […]

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Stephen Curry’s Workouts and the Wisdom of Overload

“It’s pretty amazing how much space you can create after you do a couple sets with resistance, train your body to fight through that and then you build that strength.” – Stephen Curry Stephen Curry’s workouts are famously wacky. Here’s a short sample: Dribbling two basketballs at the same time at different speeds Dribbling a […]

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How To Focus and Get the Work Done – Four Starts

Start To focus and get the work done start… Identifying your high-energy periods – in a day, week, month, year Identifying your high-priority work (the ‘real work’) Matching your high-energy periods with your high-priority work Labeling that time something fun and memorable: ex. rocket fuel time, deep work, etc. and celebrating in a fun way […]

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March With Nature and Get the Work Done

Ten days ago I was happily sledding on a sunny day with two feet of snow on the ground. Five days later? I walked the same sunny hill, no snow now, and no jacket, gloves scarf, hat – it was a t-shirt day. Everything around us (and inside us) changes all the time. Some changes […]

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February, Your Month of the Heart

When is the heart of winter in New England? Right now. This is the core, the very center. All externalities stripped away, we’re left with bare essence. This can be devastatingly beautiful. And it can also wear a human down with an ample supply of dark, cold, and gray. And if we’re in the heart […]

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Quix Tip: How to Get More Done Today

How to Get More Done Today Pick your highest energy point in the day. Block that time off in your calendar as if you’re in a meeting. Turn off your wifi and put your phone on airplane mode for as long as you dare during that time. Get the work done. Congratulate yourself on clearing […]

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You’ll Never Get to the End of Mastery

I’ve been starting my musical practice with these cheery words. I’ll never get to the end of technical mastery. There’s always something else to learn, to get better at, to explore. So, there’s now no rush. And there’s nowhere to get to. Now is all I have, now is all you have, finding the spirit […]

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