Why share your StrengthsFinder strengths with your team?

Here are ten reasons.

  1. It’s the best of you. Your top five strengths are your signature strengths, what you do best. This is the height of your abilities in all facets of your life. Don’t hide your light under a basket, let it shine.
  2. It’s your rocket fuel. When you use these strengths to get your work done you do it faster, more efficiently and more happily than if you weren’t using your strengths.
  3. There are no bad strengths. All strengths are good strengths. StrengthsFinder is different than the MBTI or DISC or other assessments. Weaknesses and blind spots aren’t part of the language. StrengthsFinder is completely positive. 
  4. It’s your best chance at success – in life and work. Research shows that people that play to their strengths are more successful by far than people that focus on their weaknesses and try to overcome them.
  5. If there’s one you really don’t like, pick a different one. Don’t like one? Pick a different one – one that you’re surprised didn’t show up in your StrengthsFinder results. Make sure your picked strength is true to you though, not just wishful thinking.
  6. Your team can help you see you how you use your strengths. They can give you examples of that strength in action in your work life and can help reinforce them and remind you to keep focusing on them.
  7. You can help your team mates. You can help them use theirs and you can help them more effectively if you’re using yours. Happiness increases more if you’re giving help than getting it.
  8. When you make your strengths public you’re more likely to focus on them and use them more. We can all use our strengths even more. Positive self-change works best when you make your change effort public so you can get support and accountability help.
  9. You create a positive feedback loop. When you’re focusing on your best and other team members are as well, and then when you focus on each other’s strengths it creates a virtuous upward cycle of greater success and happiness.
  10. It builds trust on your team. Seeing each other’s unique strengths differences reinforces the concept that you need each other – others have strengths you don’t, and you have strengths others don’t. You can rely on each other to be a ‘whole’ team, not just trying to be a solitary hero. Depending on each other lets us be vulnerable and builds trust.

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