How to help yourself

Ask yourself what you need. 

There’s lots of advice out there to help you through. But only a very small slice will work for you. 

Start by asking, “what do I need right now, this moment, this day?”

The quick answer may come back that you need something out of your reach – a trip to Aruba, a paycheck, to be able to get out of the house, for your home to clean itself, for everything to go back to normal.

If that’s what happens, keep asking. 

Keep going until you find something you need right now that you can do something about. Even unattainable things outside of your control have a seed of metaphor in them. 

Aruba might symbolize some break in the action and sunshine on your face, even for five minutes. A paycheck might mean finding a feeling of safety in the middle of the fearful moment. 

The fields of resiliency and wellness have a lot of universal principles that are research and experience-tested. It’s great to be informed. 

But you’re you. There’s no-one like you. And the ways you help yourself are yours alone.

So, what do you need?

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