What’s the best form of feedback?

Before we answer that question, a quick review. In a study, people were told that their efforts would be compared with how well hundreds of others had done on the same task. They then received praise, criticism, or no feedback on their performance. The highest ranking came as you’d expect – after praise. But the second highest ranking came from receiving criticism. The lowest ranking came from getting no feedback.

So, we know that feedback is important.

Gallup took this idea one step further and looked at the efficacy of strengths-only feedback vs. strengths and non-strengths feedback combined. They found the best form of feedback is…drum roll…..

The best form of feedback has a primary focus on developing strengths. But there’s also an awareness of and discussion about how to manage non-strengths so they don’t become weaknesses. 

Don’t be afraid of both positive and negative feedback. We want to know. And we do better work when we get both, with an emphasis on our strengths. AND we want to be coached on how to use our strengths more effectively.

(data from It’s the Manager book by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter) 

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