The collaboration walk and tele-coffee: two collaboration ideas from ‘Stop Talking, Start Asking’

Jean Marie DiGiovanna has a great new book out called Stop Talking, Start Asking. Jean Marie is a friend that always lifts me up with her enthusiasm and exuberance. And those two qualities shine through in every chapter. I particularly enjoyed the collaboration chapter in Jean Marie’s book (mentioned above). Here are two ideas to help you and your team collaborate more:

The collaboration walk with someone from a different company

Jean Marie gives the example of Juwi, a wind and solar energy company headquartered in Germany, taking an innovative approach to encourage collaboration. Employees are partnered up with employees in a different company. The other company is not a competitor and within walking distance. Once a month the collaboration partners meet up for a walk and talk to learn and inspire each other. 

This can of course be done inside your company with people from different departments. That’d be great. But what a leap of daring to go beyond the company walls!


“You grab a cup of coffee. I grab a cup of coffee. And we get online for a chat,” Jean Marie says, “This is perfect for those who are not collocated.”

Almost every team I work with has at least a few people that work virtually. Some teams are entirely virtual. The common denominator I’ve found is that these teams desperately need to have more of a personal connection with each other. Tele-coffee (or my preference tele-tea) is a great idea. Thanks Jean Marie! Her book is full of great ideas and enthusiastic wisdom. Stop Talking, Start Asking is available on Amazon here.

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  1. Jean Marie DiGiovann
    Posted January 30, 2020 at 6:13 am | Permalink

    Thank you so much Rob for sharing some tips from my book. I have always been inspired by your innovation and the collaborative work you do with teams. Your energy and wisdom is contagious!