Readers just like you are on the 40 Days to Change For Good Journey

You’re not alone. You’ve got company as you try to change something that matters to you. Here is what some readers are working on. I hope it inspires you to have fidelity to your 40-day journey or to start yours today.

Jerry says:

“My 40-day focus is on experimenting with habits for self-care. That looks like:

– walking at least 20 minutes/day

– meditating at least 10 minutes/day

and the big one…

– in bed by 11 pm.”

Lou says:

“Count me in, so friggin busy but I’ve got so many songs started my 40 day journey will be to work in unfinished songs an song ideas each day for 40.  Not necessarily to finish one each day but to work on some.  That’s the journey.  Excited about this, thanks for the push.” (You can check out Lou’s jug band here.)

Laura is working on “discipline – being mindful of doing things on a disciplined basis. I can achieve a goal but what I lack is a consistent discipline. It’s not a specific thing, I just want to be more mindful about whatever it is I choose to be disciplined about.”

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