What are the right strengths to have on a team?

What are the right strengths to have on a team?

Teams ask me this question all the time during StrengthsFinder trainings. “Do we have the right strengths? What are we missing?” 

Gallup found something interesting when they tried to figure out the right strengths to have on a team. They found it doesn’t matter as much what the composition of team strengths is. What matters most is the awareness of the strengths that are on the team already. 

You can’t use the tools you don’t know you have. Take the StrengthsFinder assessment with your team, link it to what it looks like in real life and expand from there.

Learn more: StrengthsFinder – Gallup’s online assessment of unique top five strengths. Learn your team’s strengths and learn how to put them into action.

(data from It’s the Manager book by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter) 

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