What happens if you ask for happiness?

“If you ask the grail for happiness, that demand precludes happiness. But if you serve the grail properly, you will find that what happens and happiness are the same thing.” – Robert Johnson

The grail mythology says we are on a life quest for something precious, something unique, something just out of sight…yet in plain sight. We just don’t have the eyes for it yet.

Many of us choose pleasure, some form of happiness as an unspoken grail. 

If you demand happiness? That’s a sure way of being unhappy. As William Blake wrote, “it is right it should be so, man was made for joy and woe.”

What if you don’t struggle against what happens in life, that mixture of joy and woe?

Johnson says we will find happiness in what happens. The war is over.

Blake agreed, “joy and woe are woven fine, a clothing for the soul divine.”

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