What percent of new car sales is electric?

More than one million Americans have bought or leased an electric vehicle (EV). What percent of new car sales is that?


You’d think it was more than that right?

We may notice:

Charging stations in plumb spots in the shopping center parking lot

Charging stations in rest areas on the highway

That interesting looking Tesla

That new article – for better or worse – about Tesla

When we think about cars – whether often or rarely – Evs occupy much more than 2% of our ‘car thoughts’. Or at least they do mine. I notice them. I don’t notice most cars.

This ‘thinking about’ process is well into the long, slow process of changing minds and changing habits. Thinking about electric vehicles and seeing them used is priming us to also buy an EV instead of a gas-guzzler. It normalizes the leap.

If you want to change a habit or influence someone else to change their mind, get those brains thinking about the change. Action won’t be taken, not for a while. The mind isn’t ready for action yet. But the process is now underway. 

Someday gas-powered vehicles will be 2% of vehicle sales. 

And then 0%. 

And it all started today, with us just thinking about something a little more. 

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