Six Things to Say No That Will Make Your Next Meeting The Best One Yet

“I remember there were a couple of calls, but I ripped the phone out of the wall and threw it in the ravine.” – Daniel Lanois, producer of Peter Gabriel’s album So. 

In both our Influencing Without Authority training and Speaking & Presentation Skills training teams learn how important focus is to get someone to be moved enough to change their mind.  

Distractions need to be removed and ‘thrown in the ravine’.  

In the next meeting you’re running make any of the following a rule. Each rule will help focus. 

  1. No phones 
  2. No laptops
  3. No Powerpoint
  4. No handouts
  5. No chairs
  6. No table

Now try any of the above on your own. If some part of your day requires you to actually get something done, you need to focus. That means you rip out the distractions and throw them in the ravine. 

PS: Influence Without Authority team development training is completely revamped. It’s shown proven results that lead to more effective influencing. Who do you want to influence? 

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