Fun Facts Q & A with Rob Fletcher – Part 2

If you missed it, you can catch Part 1 here!

What is a great memory from a program? 

There is a specific recurring moment that often – but not always – happens when I’m leading corporate trainings. I can feel lifted up inside somehow and speak what I feel are some deep truths without pre-thinking or analyzing what I’m saying, just letting it through. It’s especially powerful for me when I look around and see different people nodding in unconscious agreement – connection!

What fun activities make you happy?

Playing guitar, singing, listening to music, being outside in nature, exercise (especially skating, swimming, bushwhacking, paddle boarding), yoga, working on my wood pile, living from and listening to my heart’s desire.

What movies had the greatest impact on you?

Mary Poppins, Quadrophenia, Adventures of Baron Munchauson, Brazil, Highlander – in that order.

What was your favorite childhood meal?

Chicken breast with corn and apples

What historical time period would you like to visit?  Why?

The 70s. I grew up in the 70s and I always wished I could be an adult, or at least a teenager. The 70s had my favorite pop music, the best clothes and hair styles for men, and what appears in hindsight to be the last pure freedom before the Reagan era. And no email!

When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?

In approximate order from very young to college age: a banker, someone rich and retired, a wanderer and lover of life, a musician, a poet. I did get to be a bank teller while I was in college!

What is one of your proudest accomplishments?

Every time I’ve listened to my heart instead of what my worried mind warned.

Which of your teachers had the greatest impact on you?

Professor Jim Carse at NYU. He taught my Hinduism, Buddhism and Taosim class. He inspired both me and my best friend Jerry to drop out of college and backpack around the South Pacific for half a year. A great decision! 

My life is still guided by what he taught. Two decades later I had the opportunity to thank him personally while we were both at a poetry workshop that Robert Bly was leading.

For what in your life do you feel the most grateful?

For having met Laura, the love of my life.

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