I tried once and nothing changed


“I tried to play the guitar once.”

“I tried to drive a car once.”

“I tried to use a smart phone once.”

“And when I was really young I tried to walk once. I also tried to use a fork once, to use the toilet once, to say my first word, etc.”

When I begin coaching a leader I usually hear some variation of the above words about the people they’re leading. “I tried to change their behavior once, nothing changed. I tried to change the culture once, nothing changed.”

Yep. I bet so.

That’s not how change works. Or more specifically, that’s not how change succeeds.

It’s important to initiate change. But the next step is more important.

How do you persist after initial failure?

If you can walk upright, use a fork and use words to speak you’ve got what it takes to keep trying.

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