“You’re gonna need a bigger boat” – Rock time for rock work


“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – Roy Scheider in the movie Jaws

Producing a big work is rock work. It needs a different approach to time. We humans have about 2 billion heartbeats in a lifetime. So do chickens. They can live around 15 years, our average is around the mid-70s.

It’s not the amount of heartbeats, it’s the speed they occur.

When Francis Weller became a licensed psychotherapist at 27 he found a Jungian mentor.

“I contacted the Jung Institute in San Francisco, and I met a man named Clarke Berry who was in his mid-sixties at the time, and one of the most generous souls I’ve ever met”, Weller said. “And I always remember the first thing he taught me, when we sat face to face. He reached over and patted a big rock he had at his side and said, ‘This is my clock. I operate at geologic speed. And if you’re going to work with the soul, you need to learn this rhythm. Because this is how the soul moves.’”

Rock work, the deep work we were put onto this earth to contribute, is soul work. It’s going to move more slowly than we wish. And it’s more likely to stick around. Think the lifetime of a classic book compared to the lifetime of a controversial tweet. They have very different heartbeat speeds.

Unlike in Jaws, you don’t need a bigger boat. You need a bigger clock.

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