A small, clear creek


“Constant, slow movement teaches us to keep working

like a small creek that stays clear,

that doesn’t stagnate, but finds a way

through numerous details, deliberately.”

-Rumi (from the poem Deliberation)


Having trouble keeping going? Are your work and family commitments overwhelming? Try constant, slow movement.

Movement always helps. Even more helpful is the speed of the movement. Yet this speed of movement isn’t actually the process…it’s the teacher, read that first line again. It teaches us to keep working. And not just continuing to work any old stressed-out, exhausted-will way. Work like a small creek, a clear creek. Not a raging, muddy river. Not a dam-burst torrent. Not a dried up puddle. A small, clear creek.

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to spend quality time next to a creek like this recently or not, we all know intuitively what that looks like. “I’ll take that right about now!” we say longingly. Anything is better than the current approach to the fire-hose of work.

Constant, slow movement – keep going and go slower – is our calm, deliberate path through all those details tugging at us today.

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