My Change Ritual 2018


I’m supporting my ‘next 50’* 40 days with:

A walk outside.

Every time I go for a walk – even a short one, even if the weather isn’t amazing – something becomes better. I get reoriented to a part of me I like better. I get a slightly better clearer picture of my ‘place in the family of things’ as Mary Oliver wrote.

So this walk – which I know sounds like its own change attempt – will support my change. It’s a time to drop all the other stuff my brain is chewing on and just focus on my change, to meditate, think, feel, see what comes up.

It’s ideally a walk in nature, but I may be on the road in an urban setting – so ‘anywhere outside’ is fine.

It’s going to happen just like the unofficial Post Office motto:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”


Time of day I’ll be doing my ritual

  1. Morning before work begins ideally.
  2. If not then, try for lunch time.
  3. If not then end of day before sunset.
  4. If not then? Out in the dark I go.


How I’ll know if I haven’t yet done my ritual each day

My hiking shoes will be sitting by the door.

I won’t have noted it on my tracking form.

My journal will be empty for that day.


How I’ll know that I have done my ritual each day

My hiking shoes are on the rack.

I’ve noted it on my tracking form.

I’ve written in my journal.


How I’ll make my ritual easy for me to remember

I’ll set my hiking shoes next to the door before I go to bed.


How about you?

That’s me this year for 40 days. What’s your ritual? How will you know you’ve taken action on your change today? We want to hear from you.


*In case you missed it, here’s my change focus on the eve of the year I turn 50:

What do I carry with me across this threshold?

What do I leave behind, no matter how enticing or safe feeling?

What essential parts of me do I reclaim that I’ve lost track of over the years?

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