What happens after consumption ends?


When I was really interested in jazz improvisation a few years ago, I bought dozens of instructional books. Every time I bought one I felt happy. I consumed (“ate”) a few of them but most of them collect dust on my shelves. Lately I’ve been learning and playing Willie Nelson songs – far away from esoteric scale fingerings.

In the past year I’ve been voraciously reading modern business books (for lack of a better term). I now notice that urge tailing off. I don’t know what’s next. I’m now in the chrysalis with that knowledge. But I have an idea of the future and it relates to the keyboard on my laptop.

People love their tablets. I prefer my laptop. Why? It’s hard to generate on a tablet. It’s easy to consume. It’s clearly built for consumption. I want to generate. I’m generating these words right now…on my laptop.

After we stop trying to fill an unfillable hole comes a disquieting emptiness. And emptiness is what we need to fly.

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