A Direct Connection With Purpose: John Sorenson Takes the Next Step (Quest Story)

John Sorenson talked about his experience with micro loans in a past blog post. Click here to read that quest story.

After you’ve retired, what do you do next? John Sorenson chose to connect more deeply with purpose, uniting his vocation and service. His story continues here.

“The exploration is exciting. My wife and I are continuing to do stuff in Southeast Asia. We’re going to monitor how the families we’re helping with our microloans are doing. We’re taking over as presidents of the local “green club.” And the third element is helping a few companies start up by acting as technical advisors. One of them has to do with thermal and solar energy electricity generation. It’s not only a way of generating electricity from sunlight in a way that’s more efficient than what’s out there but it promises to be low cost. This could be is a real boon to third world countries, especially those that are near the equator. They have a lot of sunlight to work with. I’m also helping with the Hero’s Journey Foundation.

Click here to listen to listen to my interview with John Sorenson.

I am trying to apply the skills that I’ve developed in my career and my resources to make the world a better place. So I think of this as my vocation and my service. Where this goes I don’t know. I know that I’m excited about what I’m doing, I know that there’s mystery involved, but that’s okay. I know what I’m doing is enjoyable.

When I ponder, “What is it that I’m to do?”, I also ask myself:

  1. Is it something that I connect with or the people involved?
  2. Do I believe in the cause?
  3. Is this something I feel I can make a contribution to?
  4. Will I enjoy doing this?
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