Giving Voice to Joy: The Antidote to Fear


“Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all. We have heard, perhaps, too much of lesser matters. Here is the door. Here is the open air.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

In these often scary times, we have an alternative to the fear that inevitably arises – an antidote. When it seems or feels like things in life, the good things in life, are getting scarcer and more uncertain, to defeat that scarcity, the smallness inside and out, the antidote is to give, and to give freely – to give joy to yourself and those around you, and to give to joy.

Now is a wonderful time to see clearly how richly and deeply the natural world gives to us. As the birds sing and make their nests, and the flowers bloom, and the leaves open on the trees, and the sky is clear and blue, and the warm sun lights up our faces and bathes us in warmth, we’re better able to see how simply beautiful being alive can be. And we can see how effortlessly and simply the world gives to us all of the simple joys that we need to lighten our loads.

The challenge and the way through any moment when you are scared is the courage of giving freely and trusting that that giving frees up the river that flows both ways. It may be helpful to remember that this giving is a natural part of our life. Each moment we give away a breath and take in a new one again. Everything we own, every gift and natural ability we possess has been given to us. The Chinese sage Lao Tsu said, “If you want to be given everything, give everything up.”

Research tells us that that happiness travels from person to person farther and longer than sadness does. Give voice to your joy and watch it travel. May you find the strength to courageously give voice to your joy, give your best to the world and notice as it gives its best to you.

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