Sudden, Explosive Growth


Every day we can easily see the difference. It’s that obvious.

The first day of May, then a day, a week later. Look around at any plant or any tree and we see big changes have happened. Plants poke out of the ground where bare earth was. Flowers open. Trees unfold citrine leaves. This looks like sudden, explosive growth. It looks miraculous – and it is!

Everything grows more in the spring and summer, not just plants. Research shows that kids grow more quickly as well. Think also of the ‘spring’ of a human life. In their first year children triple their body weight and sprout up 10 inches.

The words “sudden, explosive growth” resound in the dreams of company leaders, Wall Street analysts, entrepreneurs, and anyone with high career trajectory hopes. We may all harbor the secret dream this month promises. Perhaps anything is possible.

But do we really want the dream to become real? Imagine humans continuing to triple their body weight or grow 10 inches each year they’re alive – not a pretty sight. And we have a word for continuously explosive growth and production. When our cells do it we call it cancer.

Now let’s look below the surface. Do we also want the long winter of perceived dormancy? The autumn of perceived decline and death? It’s the courageous few that say yes to apparent stagnation of the work, to what look like dead ends, to lack of enthusiasm, progress or motion.

Yet that’s what’s required for the growth of our dreams. Persistent commitment to the work we were born to do. Long periods of nothing visible, and then the excitement of unexpected growth. And that growth slowing again… and the wheel turns again.

As coaches, veteran players and analysts often advise during seven-game NBA playoff series, it’s our task to not get too high from success, and not get too down from failure. Just calmly persist, and persist again. Stay in the game and keep showing up to the change we want to make.

And how about when we are rewarded with beautiful (and fleeting) growth? Open up our hearts and eyes to be flooded with appreciation, just like every plant this month invites us to.

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