All inhale, no exhale


The GNP must go up.
Our output always has to go up.
We must relentlessly improve.
We must get more done in a day.
We have to do more with less.
We should only progress, moving forward, upwards.
We should only breathe in, never exhale.
Oh wait, that last one doesn’t work. No exhale, no way to get the oxygen to the rest of the body. We’ll die.
The waves at the beach should only come in, never out. Uh oh, that doesn’t work either.
It should always be sunny and during the day, no night. Hmm…
It should always be summer, that’s nicest. Well maybe!
We must not age. Okay, modern culture I hear you saying that, but aging beats the alternative.

If you’re tired of the ‘straight line up’ treadmill, try a story that’s bigger than that, one that’s been around longer instead – ebb, flow, patience, joy, woe, delight, sorrow. Better, worse, richer, poorer, sickness, health (sound familiar?).

Exhale and start really living.

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