Know yourself, Then Know Your Audience


It’s as if over 90% of your vision were obstructed. Driving to high school on icy mornings, that’s what my windshield looked like.

Whatever your MBTI preference is, it’s probably your default mode of trying to influence others. The golden rule, right?

But this only works if the others have the same function preference as you.

There are 16 possible MBTI preference combinations. If you don’t think of other people and their preferences, your influencing attempts have a 6.25% chance of landing.

That’s not going to cut it. It’s as if over 90% of your vision were obstructed while driving. Even though I made it safely (somehow) to school with such a small view, I’m smarter now. I’m not going to repeat that mistake again. I’m going to take the time to see more out of my windshield.

And now you’re smarter too. Take the time and get a clear view of the people you’re trying to influence.

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