Squirrels don’t do daylight savings time


I set the clocks forward.

And I looked out the window at a squirrel chasing another squirrel in the snow. And the birds at the feeder. And the chipmunks that just came out of hibernation, also running over the snow.

They are on the same clock they were yesterday, and the same clock that they will be on tomorrow and the next day, and the day after that.

They don’t do clock time. They do energy time. And ‘earth around the sun’ time.

So do we, really. Clock time allows us to be in agreement with each other about things that we deem important. But we are animals too.

And our primary time is measured in energy, not with the clock.

Live by your ‘energy time’. Do the most important things that you are most passionate about during the time of day where you have the most energy.

And don’t make any important decisions or try to do anything important in your ebb tide of energy in your day.

Long before we humans had clocks, we had energy. If you want to live your passion today follow your daylight energy time.

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